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10 Genuine advantages of being single

10 Genuine advantages of being single

You might be familiar with the following scenario: after chatting with a newly married friend deeply immersed in the blissful honeymoon stage, where her eyes shimmer with excitement, her husband’s name punctuates every conversation, and even during grace, she couldn’t help but gesture towards my ring finger. Then, with good intentions albeit a hint of awkwardness, she comments, “We need to find you someone too!”

Now, imagine you’re perfectly content being single. Not defensively so, as some single women might come across, but genuinely content. Your stance remains unwavering: You’ll remain single until you find a love that truly matches your own, as settling for less would not only undermine the institution of marriage but also your own self-worth.

Living a single life isn’t a consolation prize. While being single you observe both the joys and sacrifices of matrimony. And believe us, there are many sacrifices. So, allow us to explain why embracing singlehood, particularly for those who yearn for marriage, is not just acceptable—it’s something to celebrate!

01. The rules of your bed are up to you

Imagine having a friend who’s an absolute riot. Despite her kindness, she’s not particularly keen on physical affection. Yet, she ended up marrying someone who can’t seem to sit still without being physically close. She confides in you that she yearns for a few nights of solitude each week. They often clash over the room temperature, and he feels hurt if she tries to avoid cuddling.

For those accustomed to sharing their bedtime space, this might seem perplexing. However, we empathize. Being single, we value our own bed space, preferred temperature, and the freedom to wake up when we want. Marriage inevitably involves compromising on these personal comforts for the sake of the relationship in the long run.

02. Welcome and embrace fresh encounters in the realm of dating

In a conversation with your newly married friend, perhaps she enthusiastically talked about the joys of morning intimacy. Ah, the nostalgia. While we acknowledged its allure, we also highlighted the excitement of exploring other first-time experiences.

We’re not implying that she won’t encounter more firsts, such as discovering new cities or experimenting with new adventures in intimacy. Rather, we’re referring to the excitement of relational firsts while being single: the thrill of a first date, the magic of a first kiss, the heartfelt utterance of “I love you.” Singles still have the opportunity to relish these moments, unlike those in committed relationships.

03. Spontaneity defines you

Many of your married friends enjoy secure relationships, where jealousy seldom arises. However, being married often entails coordinating plans and finances with your partner. Sometimes, conflicting schedules add another layer of complexity.

But as a single individual, the freedom is unparalleled. You can glance at your bank account and set off on an adventure whenever you desire. When being single your time belongs solely to you, fostering boundless spontaneity and independence.

04. No need for concessions

Perhaps at some point, a husband may have remarked to you that marriage exposes one’s self-centeredness. There’s truth to it; many divorces stem from selfish inclinations. It’s often suggested that engagement might reveal a tendency to be overly focused on oneself.

While there are advantages to being self-centered, marriage demands compromise — from choosing toilet paper brands to making holiday plans.

05. Opposite-gender friendships without drama

The question often arises: Is it acceptable for married couples to maintain friendships with individuals of the opposite sex? Absolutely, unequivocally yes! Such friendships can offer unique perspectives and support, which are often undervalued by many.

Concerns about these friendships stem from the same worries that singles encounter in the dating world. The key lies in mutual respect, respecting boundaries, and ensuring your partner’s comfort.

Unfortunately, many married couples don’t share this viewpoint and completely avoid opposite-gender friendships. However, as being single, your friendships are your own concern — there’s no need for anyone else’s approval.

06. Complete financial independence

You might know someone who is exceptionally thrifty, to put it politely. Perhaps they’re all about finding deals on Groupon and insist on keeping receipts for every purchase. While this friend may not always feel financially restricted, they may envy your freedom to spend as you wish without constant scrutiny.

Certainly, shared expenses and dual incomes can alleviate financial pressure in marriage, as highlighted in “Sex and Finances Are Better for Married People. Don’t Worry, Singles — You Win Sleep”. However, being single means no one can critique your spending habits or impede your indulgences, whether it’s weekly manicures or meticulously decorating your own personal space. That’s a fantastic perk of being single, wouldn’t you agree?

07. Unbounded self-indulgence

Consider this: Do you want to wake up at 3 am for a week to focus on a business plan? There’s no one pulling you back into bed. Craving a spa day this weekend? No need to worry about checking your budget being single.

Planning a trip with your friends? The length of time doesn’t matter. Want to spontaneously catch a movie or have dinner after work? No need to seek approval. Contemplating a major life change? The decision is entirely yours.

Being single means dedicating your attention solely to your own happiness and personal development, without requiring anyone else’s comprehension or consent. It’s a freedom often lamented by those transitioning into marriage, whether they acknowledge it or not.

08. Individual accountability for emotional well-being

In a healthy marriage, emotional equilibrium should be a given. However, time and again, we’ve observed friends or clients shift from high spirits to frustration, sadness, or anger due to their partner’s influence — whether it be a text message or simply their presence.

Certainly, one could argue that married individuals should manage their emotions adeptly. Yet, constant cohabitation can make this easier said than done.

09. Less enduring, more thriving

In marriage, you might find yourself enduring your husband’s intrusive mother, his professional obligations, his monopolization of the remote control, and even disparities in values and preferences. These challenges could persist indefinitely.

However, when being single, none of these matters. Dating allows you to search for a compatible partner without the commitment of marriage. If it doesn’t work out, breaking up is far simpler than enduring a divorce. Though it may sting, it’s a far smoother process than navigating the aftermath of a divorce.

10. Prioritize yourself while being single

‘Priority’ holds immense power. Many women who seek marriage remain single because they haven’t mastered the art of prioritizing themselves. They devote unwarranted attention and significance to men who aren’t even their husbands.

By prioritizing yourself, you’re more likely to select a partner who does the same. It’s one of the most significant benefits of being single — placing yourself first.