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10 signs to spot a love addict

10 signs to spot a love addict

Do you happen to be the kind of person who becomes fixated on Valentine’s Day and adamantly claims it to be the ultimate holiday? Whenever you’re asked to list your top five movies of all time, each and every one of them turns out to be a romantic comedy or a chick flick. Does this description sound familiar to you? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems like you have a strong inclination towards romance.

Now, don’t misunderstand me, there’s nothing inherently wrong with embracing love and finding joy in being in love. However, it’s important to establish certain boundaries if you wish to cultivate healthy relationships. Rest assured, though, this is not an incurable or excessively severe addiction.

In this world, we encounter various types of addicts, and interestingly, you might fall into that category too. Are you curious to determine whether you belong to this group? Continue reading to uncover the truth, and if you identify any of these signs in your behavior, consider making changes for your own well-being.

You absolutely love the honeymoon phase

You feel immense joy from engaging in affectionate gestures with your boyfriend, such as holding hands, using cute pet names, and reveling in mushy moments when you’re together. Every love song resonates with thoughts of him, and there’s no place you’d rather be than in his embrace.

Discovering new aspects of his personality and learning the little details about this remarkable individual brings you immense happiness. You tend to overlook his flaws, and a constant sense of euphoria accompanies your interactions. Given that this phase typically doesn’t endure for an extended period, it’s reasonable to assume that your relationships have rarely surpassed a year in duration.

If you find yourself belonging to the tribe of love addicts, you likely transition swiftly from one relationship to another, driven by the desire to experience the pleasure of being in a ‘honeymoon high’.

You frequently daydream about the future with your partner

Yet another indication of your deep attachment to romance is the persistent habit of daydreaming about your future with your partner. Endlessly, you immerse yourself in various scenarios where the two of you embody the epitome of a perfect couple, residing in a splendid abode you can proudly call home.

The notion of living ‘happily ever after’ holds a firm grip on your beliefs, and you firmly believe that this is attainable with your current beau (until the next one comes along, naturally).

You truly romanticize your partner

While it’s natural to view the world through rose-colored glasses when you’re in love, it’s important to recognize when you’re idealizing your partner, and that’s honestly not a positive sign. You may argue that you’re not placing him on a pedestal, but allow me to pose a few ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions. I ask that you answer them honestly, alright?

Do you consider him the most attractive man in the world? Do you find yourself laughing louder at his jokes, even if they aren’t particularly funny? Do you perceive him as your Prince Charming? Does every love song remind you of him? Have you ever imagined the two of you as the main characters in your favorite romance story?

If your response to all of these questions is ‘yes’, then I’m afraid you’re in a bit of a predicament.

You neglect your own needs but feel obligated to be with him

Are you sacrificing your own needs and responsibilities in order to prioritize your boyfriend’s company? If you find yourself frequently canceling plans with friends and even neglecting your family to be with him, it’s evident that something is amiss.

Due to your addiction to love, you might disregard your work obligations or compromise your education. In your perspective, nothing holds greater importance than being with your beloved. However, it’s worth considering: Is he truly the one you’re meant to be with?

You replay every interaction with him in your mind

You’ve had the pleasure of encountering your crush six times this week, and remarkably, you can vividly recall what he was wearing on Monday. The shirt he wore last night accentuated his eyes in the most captivating way. Each meeting began with exchanged smiles, followed by warm hugs and light conversations.

On Wednesday, he ran his fingers through his hair when you complimented his hairstyle, and on Friday night, he delicately brushed away a stray curl from your face while tenderly caressing your cheek. Do you find yourself replaying these memories in your mind as if they were short films?

I believe it goes without saying that these patterns indicate a strong inclination towards romance.

The mere thought of being single fills you with panic

Are you one of those women who feel uncomfortable or anxious about being single and even experience panic at the mere thought of it? If this resonates with you, it’s evident that you have tendencies of being a love addict. The fear of living life without a partner by your side and the apprehension of growing old alone might be constant thoughts for you.

You might not openly admit these feelings, as it’s not socially acceptable to express a dependency on a man for tasks like changing a lightbulb or driving you to the mall. Deep down, though, there’s a sense of security when he takes care of these things, isn’t there?

You just love hearing about someone’s relationship

Do you find yourself captivated and thoroughly entertained when someone begins sharing their love story? If you have a genuine fondness for hearing the anecdotes of other couples, including your friends, and wholeheartedly immerse yourself in their ups and downs, it’s evident that you have a strong inclination towards romance.

Details like when they first met, the enchanting moments of their first kiss, the butterflies fluttering in their stomachs upon their initial encounter, the trembling knees, and the racing hearts—these are the aspects that bring you immense joy as you delve into their heartfelt adventures and the love they share.

While it’s natural to feel excited about the events unfolding in your life, is it perhaps a bit excessive to seek out the intricate details of other people’s relationships?

You often find yourself being the first to express “I love you” in a relationship

In general, the timing of who says “I love you” first may not hold significant importance. Expressing love is a beautiful and affirming gesture that deserves to be shared and heard frequently. However, if you consistently find yourself being the one to say “I love you” first in relationships, it could be a sign of a love addiction.

You yearn for that rush of oxytocin and simply being in someone’s presence (at times) isn’t enough. That’s why you tend to utter those three words earlier than you might logically expect.

Nevertheless, this could also signify that you are openly declaring your emotional attachment to that person, showcasing pure sentiment rather than addiction or anything negative. Perhaps you recall the famous phrase spoken by Blair from Gossip Girl: “Three words, eight letters. Say it, and I’m yours”.

You’re trying to find some hidden love messages in his behavior

Do you frequently analyze his body language and attempt to decipher hidden meanings when he interacts with you? You might have read online that if he positions his feet towards you, it signifies his interest, or if he smiles while looking in your direction, he’s undoubtedly attracted to you.

If you find yourself actively seeking out these concealed love messages in his behavior, my dear, it’s undeniable that you have a strong attachment to romance. There’s no point in denying it.

Love, in your perspective, is synonymous with happiness

This is the most evident indicator that you’re deeply entrenched in love addiction. In your vocabulary, love and happiness are intertwined, and no one can sway you from this belief. You firmly hold the notion that true happiness can only be attained through being in a romantic relationship, and that your partner bears the sole responsibility for your happiness.

It’s time to wake up and recognize that you are the sole architect of your own happiness. No matter how incredible a man may be, he cannot single-handedly bring fulfillment into your life. Placing such immense pressure on him will only lead to added stress, and eventually, he may distance himself from the overwhelming expectations.

Cease sabotaging your own journey. Embrace self-love and acceptance. Once you genuinely love yourself, you will naturally attract a partner who loves you unconditionally and appreciates you for all that you truly are. That I surely guarantee you.