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36 questions which unlock the secret of finding true love

36 questions which unlock the secret of finding true love

Forming friendships can be a challenging task, and falling in love can feel even more difficult, despite being an organized person. It requires considerable time and effort, not to mention the effort involved in identifying the positive and negative aspects of potential relationships. However, what if there existed a hidden method for establishing a meaningful bond quickly? Here are the 36 most important questions that lead to true love.

Initially conducted in 1996 to explore the potential for creating emotional connections among unfamiliar individuals, these experiments have now become quite a sensation. They even spawned a viral Jubilee series in 2017. However, despite the passage of time, their significance remains unchanged. This is evident from the recent participation of India Amarteifio and Golda Rosheuvel, co-stars of Netflix’s Queen Charlotte, who decided to put these experiments to the test.

In the original study, the questions were divided into three sets, gradually increasing in their level of intimacy. Set 1 consisted of inquiries like ‘What would make a perfect day for you?’ and ‘What do you feel most grateful for in your life?’ On the other hand, Set 3 delved deep into personal matters, asking questions such as ‘When was the last time you cried in front of someone?’ and ‘Whose death among your family members would disturb you the most?’

The study concluded that it is indeed possible to nurture closeness and trust through these questions. They can be quite handy if you’re anxious about small talk and want to establish a deeper connection. However, let’s be honest, answering 36 questions can be quite overwhelming. I personally tried them during a recent dinner with a relatively new friend, and we managed to get through only four questions in a span of two hours. So, what if you only have limited time? To address this, we sought the opinion of Maria Sullivan, the vice president of, who shared her top three favorite questions.

Meet the Expert

Maria Sullivan, an expert in relationships and the vice president of, as well as the CEO of the Once Dating app, holds a prominent position in the dating industry., established in 1993, operates across 32 countries and aims to assist individuals worldwide in discovering their ideal romantic partner, regardless of their location.

Now, let’s delve into the top three questions to gain a better understanding of someone:

If given the opportunity to have a meal with anyone, living or deceased, whom would you choose?

Maria Sullivan specifically selects this question due to its light-hearted nature. However, she advises not to underestimate its potential depth. Although it may appear superficial, it can still provide valuable insights into your partner’s personality.

Sullivan clarifies that analyzing someone’s chosen guests can provide insight into the individuals they find fascinating, unveiling the kind of people they usually associate with. Moreover, she suggests that if you have difficulty envisioning yourself having a pleasant dinner with their selected guest, it may indicate a lack of shared interests or possible compatibility concerns within their social circle.

What do you feel the most gratitude for in your life?

This question can provide insights into your partner’s core values. It allows you to gauge whether they prioritize aspects such as family, friends, and health or if they place greater importance on material possessions, such as wealth and social status. While financial security may be a desirable trait in a partner, Sullivan emphasizes the significance of establishing a deeper connection if you seek a lifelong relationship.

Although a relationship can succeed with mutual effort, it often becomes easier when both individuals share a common foundation. Therefore, understanding what your partner values before fully committing is crucial. If you discover that your partner’s values differ from your own, you’ll need to consider whether you can accept those differences.

What do you consider the most crucial aspect of a friendship?

According to Sullivan, posing this question to your partner or potential match enables you to evaluate whether you possess the qualities they seek in a friendship. This assessment can, in turn, indicate whether there is potential for a serious and meaningful connection. Sullivan emphasizes that your partner should not only be your romantic interest but also your friend and confidant.

This question also sheds light on their values. If they express a desire for a party companion, it may not be an ideal fit for a long-term relationship. However, if they prioritize qualities such as honesty, loyalty, or dependability, it signifies their readiness for a genuine and significant partnership.

36 questions which unlock the secret of finding true love conclusion

Although a brief 30-minute first date at a coffee shop may not provide enough time to go through all 36 questions, there are three specific questions that you can keep in mind. These questions are not only enjoyable but also offer valuable insights. So, here’s to the possibility of falling in love, armed with these questions as your secret weapons.