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5 great ways nature helps you to stay grounded

5 great ways nature helps you to stay grounded

Nature breathes tranquility and serenity, offering a profound sense of grounding. It remains non-judgmental, simply existing as it is. As an eternal and benevolent instructor, nature teaches us invaluable lessons. To attain this grounded state, we must fully engage with nature, attentively observing its serene and stabilizing essence.

The concept of being grounded holds significance within the yoga community, yet it extends beyond its literal interpretation of lying on the ground. Instead, it represents a state of being in harmony with oneself and the surroundings.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better

Albert Einstein

In our contemporary world, we are consistently confronted with the demands of daily life, including unavoidable responsibilities and never-ending task lists. The resulting stress and sense of disconnection arise from excessive indoor time, confined to desks and engrossed in computer screens.

Hence, it is crucial for each of us to make a deliberate effort to step away, venture outside, and reconnect with our primal essence – quite literally!

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Rediscover your connection with nature and get grounded through these five valuable suggestions

Just take a nature walk

This seemingly uncomplicated activity holds remarkable power and beauty. Simply take a stroll! Slip on your walking shoes or embrace the freedom of going barefoot, and immerse yourself in nature with pure delight.

As you walk, attentively observe the surrounding magnificence—the rustle of wind through the trees, the array of colors in the flora, the gentle touch of soft soil or the satisfying crunch of fallen leaves, and the melodic chorus of singing birds.

Grant your mind a respite, allowing it to momentarily release its burdens while mindfully engaging all your senses. Let your eyes appreciate the captivating shades of green, savor the fragrance of the plants, relish the caress of warm sunlight or the refreshing coolness of a gentle breeze against your skin.

Inhale the enchantment of your surroundings, and in doing so, witness the swift departure of all the strains and pressures of modern life from your weary shoulders.

Do meditate under a tree

By dedicating ourselves to slowing down and establishing a connection with nature, we extend an invitation for nature to reciprocate that connection. Seek out a tree beneath which you can meditate, and engage in conscious breathing or explore a pranayama practice.

Take notice of how the tree gracefully sways with the wind, the tiny insects making their way across its surface, and the steadfastness of its roots.

While you focus on the tree’s movements and its interaction with the environment, maintain your attention on your breath. Simultaneously, open your heart and mind to absorb the tranquility and wisdom that nature graciously offers. This form of meditation in nature proves to be immensely beneficial, but it can also be adapted to indoor settings with a touch of imagination.

Get yourself dirty

Engaging in the act of connecting with the earth can serve as an immensely advantageous therapeutic technique. The act of physically touching the soil with your bare feet and hands facilitates the transfer of healing microbes to your body. This process not only contributes to strengthening your immune system but also aids in alleviating stress, tension, and fostering a profound sense of well-being and happiness.

Scientific research has demonstrated that the presence of Mycobacterium vaccae, a type of microbe found in the soil, can enhance the connection between the gut and the brain as these beneficial microbes are transmitted from the earth to your body.

Have you ever wondered why gardening brings such joy to people? It goes beyond being a calming and meditative activity; it can genuinely lead to increased happiness and improved health simply by physically interacting with the earth and its nurturing qualities.

Practice yoga in Nature

The practice of yoga possesses the power to bring about profound changes in one’s life. However, when combined with the embrace of nature, it transcends into a truly transformative experience. Engaging in yoga amidst the natural world allows you to immerse yourself in a unique sense of tranquility and establish a profound connection with nature, an experience that is often unattainable within the confines of a local studio.

Throughout our yoga practice, we dedicate ourselves to cultivating a calm and fluid mind-body connection. When we apply this approach in the midst of a breathtaking and serene natural backdrop, the possibilities are endless.

As you move through your yoga postures, consciously breathe in the revitalizing air, observe the vibrant hues that surround you, and fully absorb the profound serenity of your environment. This harmonious union with nature enables you to ground yourself deeply in the present moment.

Start with gardening

Gardening serves as an immensely therapeutic practice that offers gratifying rewards. Although it requires time and energy, the health benefits it provides are truly remarkable.

Engaging in gardening provides a holistic exercise for both the body and mind. The act of nurturing and tending to something beyond oneself can have a profoundly positive impact on one’s mood and overall perspective on life. Additionally, the joy of harvesting your own food adds to its countless advantages. Plant your seeds with care and witness their growth alongside the strengthening of your own roots.

The glory of gardening; hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature . . . to nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul

Alfred Austin

Nature is calling out to you! So, why not ground yourself and reconnect with your roots

By incorporating these tips into our lives, we can emulate the resilience and wisdom found in the plants, animals, and natural forces that surround us. When we ground ourselves and cultivate inner peace, we become a source of inspiration for others, encouraging them to seek guidance, inspiration, and valuable life lessons from both nature and within themselves.

Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world! Something as simple as placing your bare feet on the earth or tending to a garden can work wonders for your mind, body, and soul. Engaging with nature in this way brings about profound healing, tranquility, and solace, nurturing your overall well-being in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects.