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What everyone needs: a calm, peaceful and better mind

What everyone needs: a calm, peaceful and better mind

With the ultra fast pace of modern society, most of the people have lost one of the most important things that bring joy and happiness to their lives: a calm and peaceful mind.

They struggle day after day to move forward, with their minds in high gear. The more they race and experience the hustle and bustle of life, the more anxious and frustrated they become. They are irritated by the smallest things and feel dissatisfied with their lives.

So, relax yourself and calm your mind

How did they get into such a situation and is it possible to change it? Most of the time it is being caused by overwhelming yourself with too many tasks, having too many things to worry about, and not relaxing. In other words: your mind is racing all the time.

To change this mind state, you need to reorder your thinking so that your mind calms down. And the first step in this process is to empty it.

Clear your mind

Clearing your mind may sound a little strange, but it is very important. Because it’s something you’ll need to do to calm your mind. It might be easy to clear your mind for a short period of time, but it is not very easy to keep it the same way for a longer period of time.

Several things are helpful to accomplish this. One of them is to focus on peaceful words such as: calm, serenity and relaxation. Select one of them and say it over and over and focus on it. Don’t think about anything but this word alone as you repeat it.

Peaceful memories

Peaceful images or scenes are also particularly helpful. After clearing your mind and leaving it empty for as long as possible, let some images creep into your mind. Don’t think about them, just let them form in your head.

These could for example be images, memories or scenes that you’ve really enjoyed. Just come up with a list of peaceful scenes that have inspired you in the past and have them ready to use now.

The power of silence

Another thing that is extremely helpful is silence. This may seem a little strange, because how can silence help you? Well, after hours of being bombarded by all kinds of noises, you will probably welcome the silence. So, go to a quiet room, sit or lie down there and enjoy the silence.

Keep your mind in a neutral state and think as little as possible. Just enjoy the silence for about fifteen minutes or more. Sometimes just a few minutes will do. Do this every day if possible and you will see that it helps you to have a better mind (and life).

Music can be helpful as well. But make sure it’s calming and easy-listening music. Sit back and let it flow through your head. Enjoy it while you relax!

Affirmations and talking to yourself

Affirmations are also known as affirmative statements or affirmative sentences. These affirmations help you very effectively in calming your mind. They are short sequences of words that you repeat to yourself. You can think of it as affirmative sentences. A few examples are:

* I am happy and satisfied with what I have

* My mind is calm, quiet and relaxed

* I am enjoying my life more and more

Just say them to yourself. They will eventually settle in your subconscious and they will be accepted by your conscious mind as well. Self-talk is similar, but it doesn’t necessarily imply short sentences. Eventually they are words that encourage you to achieve what you want.

If you can calm and relax your body, your mind will also become calm and peaceful.

A calm body and a calm mind

If you can calm and relax your body, your mind will also become calm and peaceful. Try to relax more often and get rid of all the stress you have. The following exercises are very relaxing too:

Deep Breathing. Breathe deeper than usual, fill your lungs well, pause for a few seconds, then slowly release the air

Meditation: This is one of the best methods to calm your mind and body

Progressive muscle relaxation. Start with your toes and feet, then tense and relax each muscle in your body one at one time or in pairs

Stretching. This is also very useful for relaxing

A calm body creates a calm mind, but the reverse is also true. Since calming your mind relaxes your body. This is especially helpful in relation to sleep. Both for getting you to sleep quickly when you go to bed, and getting back to sleep when you wake up in the middle of the night.

Using the techniques described earlier, namely clearing your mind and using calming images, you will find that your body relaxes and that you fall asleep faster.

Strive for inner joy

You might think that if your mind becomes too calm and peaceful (if that’s ever possible), you will become a dull and uninteresting person. However, that is not true. You will in fact enjoy life much more and this will show in all of your actions. You will even have an inner joy!

This is because peace of mind not only gives you better physical and emotional health. But it increases your mental abilities and your concentration as well, and it improves your memory. Plus as a bonus you’ll get more energy!