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What is the best food you can taste?

What is the best food you can taste?

With such a variety of cuisines, it is almost impossible to decide which country has ‘the best dishes’. Or what is the best food to experience. There is no arguing about taste. What you might find very tasty someone else perhaps can’t stand. One likes Chinese or Korean food, the other the refined French cuisine.

But based on someone who judges food, it is a combo of a product’s flavor, the appearance, texture and aroma. And how these qualities of the dish come together as a whole. Only by traveling around the world is it possible to discover all kinds of new flavors and dishes. And let people taste the real local dishes. This is without doubt one of the coolest benefits about traveling.

Or alternatively you could let (a lot of) people vote for their favorite food. The outcome of a survey like that can compile a list of the countries with the tastiest cuisine. And in this way can also point out what makes the best food you can possibly taste.

The British travel agency The Bucketlist Company did a similar thing: it analyzed in 2022 numerous posts and tags worldwide on TikTok, Instagram and Reddit. And according to all those well experienced social media foodies the following five countries have the best and tastiest food.

The Korean cuisine is super-varied and delicious.

1. The Korean cuisine

According to the results the most popular cuisine on social media is the Korean cuisine. The Korean cuisine is super-varied and delicious. It’s said that it can offer spicy, bitter, sour, sweet and salty flavours to delight everyones taste buds. And the variations in texture can be quite pleasing as well. Just think about Bibimbap, the Bulgogi beefstew or Korean fried chicken.

2. The Italian kitchen

Naturally, the Italian cuisine came in second place. This is an easy kitchen with fresh ingredients that makes people’s mouths water… a lot! Even though there are twice as many TikToks about the Korean cuisine, the Italian cuisine is still the food leader on Instagram. Just tell me: who can resist a pizza, spaghetti or tiramisu?

3. The Mexican food

The Mexican food is an unique combination of the most beautiful colors, the most delicious smells and is a real tasty foodbomb. Many Mexican dishes are based on corn. But beans, peppers, tomatoes, rice and avocados are also common. The most popular traditional Mexican dishes are enchiladas and tacos. They are just extremely delicious!

4. The Japanese cuisine

The Asian cuisine is once again at the top of this ranking, and it is not Chinese food! No, the Japanese cuisine in fourth place. When you think of Japanese dishes, you think of course of sushi. Because that’s a Japanese speciality. But Japan has so much more to offer! Just think of the ramen, udon and miso soup. Of course the teriyaki dishes are also loved worldwide.

5. The Indian food

The Indian food pleases without any doubt all your senses. You’ll find wonderfully spiced curry sauces in this kitchen. From a mild curry with rice or naan bread to a super spicy variant: you can enjoy a new explosion of flavors with every single bite! But the most popular are tandoori dishes, tikka masala and butter chicken. Yum yum!

Not on this list, but as the origin of gastronomy, fine cuisine and the best chefs in the world: we would like to add France. Do not forget the Greek food: souvlaki, moussaka, lamb from the oven, and fresh fish. It is kind of hard not to like this! And let’s give an honorable mention at the Thai, Turkish and Spanish cuisine as well…

Food is everyone’s favorite topic of conversation! Especially all the good food that keeps you longing for more and more. For years to come!