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9 Important signs that show that you’re falling in love

9 Important signs that show that you’re falling in love

Falling in love ranks among the most peculiar and delightful emotions that a human can undergo. Although the experience varies for each individual, there exist some shared thoughts and emotions that can help individuals recognize when love is taking root.

You might find yourself grappling with unmistakable signs, such as the inability to divert your thoughts from that special person, or the cues may be more subtle and concealed.

No matter the case, it’s undeniable that navigating the intricacies of modern dating makes falling in love a complex endeavor. To facilitate the process, here are some discernible indicators that can help you identify if you’re falling in love with someone.

01. You find it impossible to avert your gaze from them

It’s a classic manifestation of falling in love: getting lost in the eyes of the person you hold dear. This is one of the most conspicuous indications that you’re falling in love with someone. After all, why wouldn’t you want to immerse yourself in the gaze of the person you perceive as the most beautiful and appealing individual in your world?

The truth is, when you fix your eyes on someone you love, it’s not just their physical appearance that captivates you. You might glimpse your entire shared future or, at the very least, envision what it could entail.

You are searching for something profound. If you’ve ever observed a mother gazing at her newborn baby, or witnessed the loving look a parent bestows upon their child, you’ll recognize elements of this prolonged and affectionate staring at the object of your affection.

02. You forsake your usual pastimes

When you find immense pleasure in spending time with someone, the brain’s reward system amplifies your desire for more of those moments. You begin to yearn for their presence.

You might even contemplate ways to be in close proximity to them, including adopting their interests in the hopes of strengthening the budding connection between you.

For instance, you might have a strong dislike for salsa dancing, but you might discover yourself signing up for a salsa course, even if they aren’t part of it, simply because it makes you feel more connected to them by association. It also provides additional conversation topics with them and could potentially be a way to draw them closer to you.

03. You don’t mind when they do something unattractive

 The power of love and new love, in particular, is primitive. This means that when someone you’re falling in love with does something you might perceive as unattractive, whether it’s being untidy or leaving the toilet seat up, you won’t mind. In fact, you might not even notice it.

Love can be immensely powerful and can be associated with the loss of all inhibition. Think about parents who are in love with their baby and how they will acknowledge that they love their child no matter how dirty they are, or how much they stop them from sleeping.

04. Time seems to speed by when you’re together

When you’re falling in love with someone, it’s highly likely that the hours you share with them will pass swiftly. This phenomenon is typical when we engage in activities we find pleasurable, and being with someone we’re developing feelings for follows the same pattern.

You experience a sense of effortless connection when you’re with them, causing you to disregard the passage of time as you revel in each moment together.

05. They appear flawless in your eyes

Falling in love can slightly distort your perception of reality. If you find yourself deeply in love with someone, it’s probable that your view of who they are and how they present themselves may become somewhat idealized. Consequently, while you might typically be critical of someone else’s actions or words, when your partner engages in them, you might actually adore them for it. In your eyes, they can do no wrong.

Even if, for instance, they choose to wear sandals with socks, you might consider it endearing. In the throes of love, all you can perceive is a version of beauty that seems invulnerable to critique. It’s the idealization of the person upon whom all your emotions are concentrated.

06. You experience an uncommon sense of positivity

During the phase of falling in love, other aspects of your life might inexplicably take on an oddly delightful hue. You might also notice a surge in your energy levels without any discernible cause. This surge is a product of the frequent “dopamine hits” you receive from thoughts of your partner and activities you engage in either with them or that evoke thoughts of them.

The act of anticipating positive experiences aids in alleviating stress, and the eager anticipation of being with your partner contributes to your mental well-being, ultimately instilling a heightened sense of contentment in your overall life.

07. You yearn to caress and kiss them

This desire to physically connect with someone you’re falling in love with extends beyond mere surface attraction. When you touch a person you’re developing deep feelings for, it triggers the release of oxytocin, often referred to as the ‘love hormone’.

This not only induces feelings of happiness but also bolsters the bond between you and your partner, fostering a stronger connection.

08. They constantly occupy your thoughts

When you’re falling in love, it entails relinquishing a part of yourself to another individual. As this surrender occurs, Hekster elucidates that there’s a sense of merging with that person, leading to an all-encompassing preoccupation with them, to the extent that they become the predominant presence in your mind.

This phenomenon is, in part, attributed to oxytocin, a hormone released in the brain during intimate moments. Oxytocin can influence emotions, cognition, and social bonding, collectively intensifying the feeling of closeness to someone and nurturing the development of love.

09. You desire their happiness

As you begin to experience the onset of love for someone, you may notice a heightened sense of altruism that often characterizes the more mature expressions of love. This inclination represents a potential indicator of profound, enduring affection. Your concern for happiness extends beyond your own well-being, as you equally yearn for their contentment and fulfillment.