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Is it possible to die from a broken heart?

Is it possible to die from a broken heart?

Could one succumb to a broken heart? It’s a query that nearly a quarter of individuals have likely pondered or input into Google. A recent study conducted by Vitality, the world’s largest behavioral platform, reveals that 43% of Brits have encountered the physical manifestations of heartbreak. This prompts the question: what’s happening with the remaining 57% of the nation?

One out of every four people experiences the physical repercussions of a broken heart, yet this aspect of post-breakup struggles is often concealed, only shared with the digital algorithm. A breakup can be an emotionally tumultuous experience, with sleep deprivation, racing thoughts, and an aversion to more than half a grape (a true incident) creating a bewildering mix of confusion, pain, and, inevitably, the seven stages of grief.

The signs of falling in love and a broken heart

While we can readily identify the signs of falling in love—fluttering in the stomach, flushed cheeks, clammy hands, and perhaps a touch of low-level nausea (how thrilling!)—our understanding of the bodily changes during love loss remains less clear.

The most prevalent and recognized consequence of a broken heart is a diminished appetite, leading many to assert that heartbreaks strip away the last remaining pleasure—food.

As per Vitality, the second most widespread side effect after loss of appetite is insomnia, echoing the sentiments of the Angie Stone song mentioned below. As someone who grapples with insomnia, it takes very little to disrupt my nightly routine, and nothing achieves this as swiftly or efficiently as heartbreak.

Despite experiencing physical symptoms such as difficulty breathing, chest pains, heart palpitations, and bodily aches, only 18% of individuals have opted to take a sick day to address the aftermath of a breakup. This statistic becomes even more disheartening when contrasted with the 61% who acknowledged a decline in their physical health while navigating the emotional turmoil of a breakup.

Heartbreak has been a perennial theme in love songs, cinema, and sonnets throughout the centuries. Love sickness holds a firm grip on culture, yet when it comes to the most alarming side effects, our understanding remains somewhat limited.

With a global trail of shattered hearts, here’s some advice on how to mend a broken heart, accompanied by practical tips gleaned from real-life experiences.

What are ways to recover from a broken heart?

01. Treat yourself with compassion

Experiencing grief and trauma following a broken heart is entirely natural. Allow yourself to embrace those emotions, but concentrate on acceptance and rebuilding during the grieving process. Recognize that your emotional well-being is just as crucial as your physical health.

02. Consider a fresh appearance

Never underestimate the transformative power of a new hairstyle. There’s something wonderfully symbolic about shedding not just dead ends but also dead-end relationships. A post-breakup haircut, whether it’s a chic bob or a new set of bangs, can instill a sense of confidence during challenging times.

03. Cultivate positive mental habits

Incorporate positive mental practices into your routine, such as journaling, using affirmations, or practicing gratitude to shift your focus. This might involve engaging in talk therapy, whether through counseling or cognitive behavioral therapy.broken heart?

04. Explore a new hobby!

Consider taking up a distracting hobby, perhaps something a bit impractical yet incredibly enjoyable, such as embroidery, watercolor painting, or learning to play the guitar. At best, you’ll acquire a new skill, and at the very least, you’ll have interesting conversation topics for future dates when you decide to re-enter the dating scene.

05. Maintain a well-balanced diet

Contrary to what movies might suggest, indulging in pints of ice cream, copious amounts of chocolate, and excessive drinking is unlikely to improve your mood. Instead, opt for a nutritious and well-balanced diet to support your well-being during this challenging period. Include plenty of probiotic and prebiotic-rich foods to keep your gut in top condition.

06. Listen to empowering music

Turn to songs that exude empowerment, such as those by Chaka Khan. Contemplate the transformative power of music, particularly tunes that celebrate strong women, such as Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor” and Sunshine Anderson’s “Heard It All Before.”

07. Keep yourself active

Initiating physical activity is a beneficial starting point to clear your mind and divert your attention from the distressing emotions associated with heartbreak. It doesn’t necessarily have to be prolonged or high-intensity; even a brief 5-minute walk around the block or stretching while waiting for the kettle can make a difference.

08. Seek a change of surroundings

Consider planning a getaway, such as a spontaneous weekend trip or attending an impromptu festival as a way to break free from the aftermath of heartache. Alternatively, explore the option of joining a group trip for a change of scenery.

09.  A broken heart is not solely a mental phenomenon

Regardless of whether you’re grappling with a broken heart or not, it’s crucial to recognize that your mental well-being can significantly impact your physical health. According to findings from the Vitality Health Claims Insights Report 2023, prioritizing mental health reduces the likelihood of hospitalization for physical conditions.