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The greatest 8-minute morning routine ever!

The greatest 8-minute morning routine ever!

The ideal morning routine should be adaptable to your toughest days. Engaging in activities like work, yoga, meditation, or journaling right after waking up might lead to burnout or other negative consequences.

Various persons experimented with numerous morning routines and discovered that this is most effective to prepare yourself mentally and physically.

The water-walk-breathe morning routine

The optimal approach, which is referred to as a ‘water-walk-breathe’ routine, is straightforward yet rejuvenating. It’s like connecting yourself to an amazing human power source.

Here’s a breakdown of the three-step process:

Step 1. Hydrate with a generous glass of water

When you sleep, your body can lose fluids and electrolytes. Replenish them immediately to ensure your tissues and organs receive the necessary hydration. This will provide a small energy boost while aiding in hunger management, reducing brain fog, and improving digestion.

Step 2. Take a brief 5-minute walk

The objective here is to keep things simple, efficient, and time-effective. A 5-minute morning walk is all it takes. Put on your shoes and enjoy a leisurely stroll. If you have access to a yard or live near a park, that’s perfect. If not, don’t worry.

The key is to get your energy flowing. As you walk, consciously exaggerate your hip movements to release tension, engage your shoulders, and roll your spine. Move in ways that feel pleasant and comfortable.

Step 3. Focus on your breath

While walking, practice slow and deliberate breathing through your nose, allowing the air to fill your belly. Towards the end of each breath, draw in the last bit of air into your chest, and then exhale through your mouth.

To ensure proper breathing technique, place one hand on your abdomen and the other over your heart area. With each breath, you should feel your stomach rising, and at the end of the inhalation, your chest should expand.

Continue maintaining the slow and deliberate breath as you continue your walk.

Once the 5 minutes are up, perform two quick inhalations followed by one exhalation in rapid succession. Inhale twice through your mouth, then exhale through your mouth as well.

Focus on the following sequence: Belly. Chest. Release.

With each breath, take in a substantial amount of air. The initial inhalation should originate from the belly, while the second, slightly smaller inhalation should come from the chest.

Repeat this breathing pattern: Belly. Chest. Release. Belly. Chest. Release. Repeat this sequence a total of 20 times.

Once you reach 20 repetitions, challenge yourself to hold your breath for as long as you can. If necessary, find a bench or sit on the ground to ensure comfort during this breath-holding phase.

Embrace the euphoric sensation and experience gratitude

Following the invigorating breathing exercise, you will experience a natural high. Once you reach that elevated state, recall a past moment when you felt genuine gratitude.

Allow yourself to fully feel it within your body. Relive that particular moment and reflect on how effortlessly you existed during that time. Recognize that in this present moment, it is equally effortless to be yourself.

There is no need to be anywhere else or be anyone else. Everything is sufficient and satisfactory just as it is. Allow this feeling of gratitude to fill your being, and then bring to mind additional instances when you have experienced gratitude.

Then recall a time when you felt immense love, or when someone expressed appreciation for the love you shared with them.

Savor all pleasures of life with this fulfilling morning routine!

Feel grateful for your capacity to walk, breathe, and savor all pleasures of life.

As you walk back home, let gratitude seep into every fiber of your being, preparing you to embark on a day filled with splendor and productivity.

Engaging in this remarkable 8-minute morning routine is a productive and fulfilling way to kickstart your day, providing a positive high like no other.