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The ultimate 5-minute dance cardio workout

The ultimate 5-minute dance cardio workout

This NewWaysBetterDays article is all about making your body move with dance. Exercise has the power to generate endorphins, which in turn contribute to our happiness. Although it may not be the most robust legal argument, the reasoning is sound, as numerous scientific studies have confirmed that aerobic activities stimulate the production of endorphins, leading to pain relief, stress reduction, and enhanced mood.

With a plethora of exercise options available, the gym becomes a treasure trove, but we contend that dancing is undeniably the most enjoyable. Harvard scientists have conducted multiple studies showing that dancing can also foster the development of new neural connections, particularly in areas associated with executive function, long-term memory, and spatial recognition. This means that when you dance, you’re not only engaging your body but also working your brain.

Meet Katia Pryce, a dance cardio workout expert

Katia Pryce is the founder and CEO of Dancebody, an in-person and digital workout platform that offers dance cardio and sculpt classes.

Katia Pryce shares a quick and effortless dance cardio routine capable of uplifting your mood and boosting your confidence in just five minutes. You can choose to perform this five-step series in its entirety or break it down throughout the day. Each of these one-minute bursts is designed to enhance mood, increase productivity, and get your blood flowing.

These moves are so enjoyable that they border on not feeling like a workout. Perhaps you would love incorporating them into our workday as a refreshing break, but they are particularly effective before important meetings or presentations, as they help alleviate nerves and clear our minds, allowing us to project composure and self-assurance.

Five dance cardio moves that you’ll surely find irresistible!

Ponies: to feel hapiness

According to Pryce, there’s nothing that could bring you more joy than the timeless pony move. She asserts that it’s impossible to be in a negative mood while performing this dance step. It instills a remarkable feeling of liberation and bliss.

The graceful back-and-forth motion engages your calf muscles and targets the sides of your upper body, including the shoulders and lats. To intensify the workout, she recommends pushing off with greater energy from one foot to the other, which simultaneously elevates the heart rate.

Walk it out: to feel relaxed

Unwind from the day’s stresses by adding your personal touch to a refreshing ‘walk it out’ dance. As you step your feet together twice on each side, simultaneously flick your wrists. This particular movement will activate your shoulders and oblique muscles, effectively dispelling any feelings of melancholy.

Pryce affirms that this dance move never fails to brighten her day. As a small business owner, she is well acquainted with the pressures and anxieties that come with the role. However, when she engages in this type of movement, all of those tensions dissipate.

Salsa twist: to gain confidence

Pryce encourages you to enhance your smile by incorporating a salsa twist into your routine. It’s an ideal method to energize your waistline with a core twist while moving your arms in the opposite direction. To target both sides of your oblique muscles and complete a full minute of movement, dedicate 30 seconds to twisting to the right and then 30 seconds to the left.

This move never fails to make you feel incredibly alluring and confident.

Single, single, double runs: to feel energized

For those who have a dance background, this particular move will feel familiar. Pryce suggests trying the single, single, double runs to experience an instant surge of energy. By synchronizing the movements of your arms and legs, this exercise rapidly elevates your heart rate, reaching the levels that produce endorphins.

It specifically targets your calves, shoulders, and hamstrings, delivering a significant boost. Running in time with the music creates a profound sense of vitality, making you feel truly alive.

Pump it: to feel powerful

According to Pryce, she shares her ultimate power move, which she considers her secret weapon. When faced with pre-meeting nerves, performing this move a few times helps to shift focus from the mind to the body. This exercise engages the abs and arms.

Begin by widening your stance and descending into a high squat. While moving your hands up and down in opposing directions, thrust your chest forward and hips backward, relying on your core to guide the motion. Once the 60 seconds have elapsed, you’ll feel empowered and ready to tackle anything that comes your way.