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Welcome to the social media diet!

Welcome to the social media diet!

Social media has become a ubiquitous part of our lives, but it seems that some individuals are starting to feel fed up with it. As with any new technology or trend, what is considered healthy and beneficial one day can quickly become unhealthy and harmful the next. This is largely due to the constant flow of conflicting opinions and advice from so-called ‘experts’ in the field.

It seems that every day there is a new ‘expert’ who debunks what another ‘expert’ said the day before, leaving people feeling confused and uncertain about what to believe. This constant stream of contradictory information can be exhausting and overwhelming, making it difficult to form a solid opinion on anything.

Social media is designed to be addictive

Furthermore, social media platforms are designed to be addictive. They use algorithms and other techniques to keep users engaged and scrolling for as long as possible. This is because sensationalist content sells, and polarizing opinions and controversial topics tend to generate the most engagement.

As a result, individuals are often unintentionally bombarded with a constant stream of sensationalist content, leaving them feeling tossed around and unable to form a solid opinion on anything. This can be especially damaging to mental health, causing feelings of anxiety, depression, and even physical symptoms such as headaches or nausea.

Social media contains a lot of junk

It is essential to remember that the vast majority of what we consume on social media is junk. It is time to go on a digital diet and start prioritizing our mental health and well-being over the constant barrage of information and opinions that we are exposed to every day.

The vast majority of what you consume on social media is junk. So, maybe it is time to go on a social media diet. But what types of social media diets are there?

01. Intermittent fasting fun

Intermittent fasting means: fasting at intervals. In other words, you don’t stop using social media completely, but you limit your consumption to only a small part of the day. For example, only look at social media between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM. #spare time

02. Socially poor

Just like excluding an entire food group (such as excluding bread, pasta, rice, etc. in the case of a low-carb diet), you can also exclude individuals and/or groups on social media. You just block people who spread news that makes you sick and unfollow pages that drive you crazy. #very cool

03. Paleo style principle

Go back in time and only use social media to exchange pleasant and fun messages with friends and family. Of course you mainly use Facebook as a birthday calendar. #everythingwasbetterbefore

04.Protein power

With the high-protein diet you emphasize one macronutrient, namely protein. No sooner said than done. With the Protein Power social media diet, you only use social media to share your runs and post photos of your trained belly and/or round butt. #becomethefittestversionofyourself

05. The Weight Watchers way

Eat what you want, in moderation and according to a points system. In other words, you set time limits for social media applications. So you can watch whatever you want, but it stops once the time runs out. #taxachieved

06. Michael Pollan rules

Michael Pollan became world famous in the health world with the following 7 words: eat food, not too much, mainly plants. So? Watch news updates, not too many, mainly meaningful ones. #everything in moderation

The social media diet conclusion

Some people have had their fill of social media. That’s not surprising. Because what is healthy today will be unhealthy tomorrow. A lot of people are pushing for polarization on social media, because sensation sells. You are, unintentionally, tossed from here to here. Until it makes you feel sick.

So, why not take a step back and start being more intentional about what you consume. This way you can begin to regain control over your live and your mental health. But that is not all, but above all… whatever you do on social media: be friendly! #befriendly