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How to pick the best swimwear for your summer vacation

How to pick the best swimwear for your summer vacation

If you’re getting ready to go on a summer vacation in the near future, you’re likely filled with anticipation for some time away from work or your usual surroundings. There’s nothing quite like the pleasure of lounging by a pool or the beach, savoring refreshing cocktails, and indulging in rest and relaxation.

However, if you belong to the group of women who often feel apprehensive about shopping for a new swimsuit for their trips, the situation can be different. Unless you’ve been diligently working on achieving your ideal body shape for months and feel completely confident, shopping for a bathing suit can bring all your body insecurities to the forefront. Consequently, you might find yourself wanting to hide rather than confidently flaunt your style while on holiday.

To counteract this sentiment, it’s crucial to know how to discover swimwear that not only feels comfortable when worn but also flatters your unique body shape. Keep reading for some valuable tips you can apply today to ensure you find the perfect swimsuit(s) that will make your summer days truly delightful.

How to choose the right bikini.

How to choose the right bikini

Finding the ideal bikini that achieves the right balance between your comfort, support, practicality, and aesthetic appeal can sometimes pose a challenge. To tackle this issue, we have compiled four valuable tips to assist you in selecting the perfect bikini for your upcoming vacation.

Those two pieces don’t have to be a match

A common misconception surrounding bikinis and two-piece swimsuits is the belief that the top and bottom should always match in both color and style, forming a coordinated set. Contrary to this notion, the reality is that you have the freedom to showcase your unique sense of style and personality by combining various bikini tops with separate bottoms.

This allows you to create combinations that range from subtle and effortlessly natural to bold and eye-catching, depending on your personal preferences.

Black is never a wrong colour

There is a prevalent myth surrounding bikinis and two-piece swimsuits, suggesting that the top and bottom must be identical in color and style, forming a perfectly coordinated set. However, this misconception overlooks the truth that you possess the liberty to express your individual style and personality by mixing and matching different bikini tops with separate bottoms.

This affords you the opportunity to create a wide range of combinations, ranging from understated and natural to vibrant and attention-grabbing, based on your personal tastes and preferences.

Choose the perfect bikini style to match your body shape

As most women are well aware, fitting into standardized clothing sizes can often be a challenging task, and it is often more successful to focus on finding a bikini that complements your specific body shape.

Provided below is a fundamental guide outlining various body shapes and the recommended style and shape of bikini that is likely to be more flattering for each shape:

Apple Shape. Opt for bikinis with high-cut legs and straight necklines to flatter your figure.

Hourglass Shape. Choose bikinis in solid colors with bow and frill waist details to accentuate your curves.

Pear Shape. Consider wearing bikinis with an underwired top and darker colored bottoms to balance out your proportions.

Straight Line Shape. Create the illusion of curves with bikinis that feature contrasting colors on the top and bottom.

How to choose the right swimsuit.

How to choose the right swimsuit

When shopping for a one-piece suit or bikini, it is crucial to take your bust size into consideration. It’s not only about finding a swimsuit that looks good but also prioritizing comfort and ensuring adequate coverage, so you don’t have to constantly adjust your bathing suit top to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.

Find a match for your specific bust size

If you have a larger bust, it is important to find swimwear that offers ample support. It’s advisable to avoid string bikinis and instead opt for swimwear that provides significant lift and hold. Look for styles with thicker straps, double-stitched bands, and features such as underwire and other structures. As they tend to be more suitable for your needs.

Choosing a bathing suit that is available in specific cup sizes, rather than generic sizes like S, M, or L, can significantly improve the fit. This ensures a better fit tailored to your individual measurements.

Moreover, if your upper body is larger than your lower body, it might be beneficial to select mix-and-match separates for your swimsuit. This way, you can choose the perfect size for each piece, accommodating your body proportions more accurately.

For women with a small bust, there is often a wider range of swimwear styles to choose from. However, it is still important to ensure a proper fit, avoiding swimsuit tops that are too loose. You may want to consider specific types of swimwear that create the illusion of a larger bust and elongate your frame if you have a petite figure.

For instance, swimwear with padded tops can help create a balanced appearance and give the impression of a fuller bust. Additionally, embellishments like ruffles and bows, as well as vibrant colors and bold patterns, can also contribute to the illusion of a larger chest.

Think about the body parts you’d like to feel a little smaller

Many women have specific areas of their bodies that they either love or dislike and wish to either accentuate or minimize. If this applies to you, it’s important to consider these features when shopping for your next swimsuit.

For instance, if you feel you have more volume in the lower part of your body than you prefer, it is beneficial to select swimwear that combines a simple, solid-colored bottom with a more intricate and printed top. This choice helps create a visual balance and draw attention away from a larger behind. Additionally, it is advisable to avoid string bikinis or high-cut swimsuits, as they can be overly revealing and uncomfortable due to inadequate coverage.

For pear-shaped women with a smaller bust and waist but wider hips and thighs, finding the right fit often involves selecting separate tops and bottoms. Alternatively, if you prefer one-piece swimsuits, cutaway styles are a great option as they accentuate the narrow waist of a pear-shaped figure.

Women who have a straight-up-and-down body shape can benefit from swimwear with tops that feature gathering, padding, and cups to create the illusion of curves. Bright colors and feminine prints also help add dimension. It is best to avoid shapeless one-piece swimsuits or styles with boy-cut briefs or bandeau tops that create a straight horizontal line and emphasize angularity in a square body shape.

If you’re self-conscious about your stomach, look for a full-piece swimsuit with ruching to help conceal any extra ‘padding’ in that area. Additionally, keep an eye out for plunging necklines as they divert attention upward and away from the midsection of the body.

The right swimwear for a growing pregnant tummy or a breastfeeding mother.

The right swimwear for a growing pregnant tummy or a breastfeeding mother

Expectant mothers should exercise caution when choosing swimwear as it should provide room for a growing baby bump. When trying on bathing suits, ensure that the selected one isn’t too snug around the midsection. Considering a two-piece swimsuit may be advantageous as it facilitates easier bathroom visits.

On the other hand, for breastfeeding mothers, it is crucial to find a nursing swimsuit specifically designed to allow convenient and discreet breastfeeding.

How to pick the best swimwear for your summer vacation conclusion

It’s common knowledge that when planning and preparing your packing list for an upcoming vacation, one of the crucial items, particularly for those who have booked a beach holiday in sunny destinations, is swimwear.

Shopping for the perfect flattering swimsuit doesn’t have to be hard anymore with our helpful tips. We know now that you surely will find the absolute best swimwear for your next vacation.

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