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How to reset a true romance without leaving the love of your life

How to reset a true romance without leaving the love of your life

True romance begins with a beautiful spark. Attraction transforms into infatuation, and infatuation evolves into love. We experience the deep bond and embrace it, integrating our significant other into our daily routines. Our search for a meaningful relationship culminates in success.

However, as time passes, the initial infatuation that drew us together can gradually diminish. Complacency emerges, leading to a sense of detachment. Often, these changes unfold without our awareness, and we only realize when it’s too late, leaving us without the knowledge to mend a fractured relationship.

The process of disconnection typically commences slowly, revealing itself in subtle increments that can be easily overlooked amidst life’s myriad of demands: commutes, household chores, careers, children, and unending responsibilities. Priorities shift, giving rise to tension and diminishing patience.

The outcome varies from slight irritation to complete disdain, where you find yourself gazing across the breakfast table at your partner and pondering, “Is this really it? Is this what our ‘true romance or marriage’ is meant to become? How did we end up in this situation?”

For numerous individuals, this serves as a wake-up call. You recognize that things have gone awry, and you’re eager for change. You desire change in your partner, change in your relationship, and a return to the greatness you once shared. But how? Where do you even commence?

You don’t develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.


A novel and inventive approach to relationship counseling has emerged in recent years: Switch Therapy. This innovative approach, featured on FYI’s popular documentary series ‘Seven Year Switch’, disrupts established patterns by removing individuals from emotionally strained scenarios and placing them with others undergoing similar challenges.

The process of repairing a fractured relationship and revitalizing your bond in your true romance can appear overwhelming. Nevertheless, even if you’re unable to access a therapist or counselor offering Switch Therapy as a method to rebuild your relationship, there are numerous steps you can take to initiate the journey of reconnection.

Here are five actions you can take to address a seemingly doomed true romance before reaching a point of no return:

01. Restart your true romance

Trying to retrace steps within a disconnected relationship is ineffective; it only steers you back into the same disengaged state. The solution lies in initiating a fresh start and constructing something novel.

02. Embrace honesty

Face the truth—both with your partner and within yourself—regarding the current state of your true romance. Without objective and honest assessment, change remains elusive. Confront the reality that you and your partner are veering apart, which is the crucial first step towards rectification. However, this requires bravery, as you must be willing to open up and examine matters impartially.

03. Engage in communication

Frequently, couples mired in a rut tend to assign blame to the other party. They cease investing effort and stop fulfilling one another’s desires. The conversation often commences with accusatory ‘You’ statements (e.g., “You neglect me.”), igniting adversarial exchanges rooted in defensiveness.

This will lead to both individuals defending themselves instead of engaging with empathy in this true romance. Rather, converse about your emotions using statements that reflect your perspective, not theirs.

For instance, instead of saying, “You no longer spend time with me”, opt for phrases like, “I feel like my importance to you has diminished”, or “I sense a lack of attention from you”. This approach allows them to comprehend your feelings and encourages a discussion about the reasons behind your emotions and how they might be contributing. While assessing the situation, make an effort to accept their viewpoint as their reality, even if you disagree.

04. Implement practical steps

While conversations are beneficial, tangible actions are necessary to effect change in their true romance. One of the major concerns for many couples is time—or rather, the lack of it. Daily routines, work obligations, household chores, children’s needs, personal hobbies, and financial matters all play a role in driving couples apart.

Various aspects are often deemed ‘essential’ or ‘more crucial’, relegating the marriage or relationship to a backseat status that they’ll attend to when they find the time. Unfortunately, that time rarely arrives until it’s too late for your relationship.

Elevate your true romance to a place of priority, and other aspects will naturally fall into alignment. Deliberately setting aside time for each other is pivotal. However, what’s even more crucial is that a couple seeking reconnection should revisit the activities that initially brought them together.

Surprise them with a midday phone call just to say hello. Leave a heartfelt note in their coat pocket. Demonstrate to your children that quality time between parents is as significant as family time, and then embark on a child-free outing. Instead of just verbalizing it, share a goodnight kiss. Ultimately, these small gestures and true romance behaviors hold greater weight than extravagant gifts.

05. Embrace vulnerability

One of the most formidable obstacles in any true romance is allowing your partner to witness your emotional vulnerability. When fear and disconnection dominate, granting them access to your innermost emotions might seem close to impossible. Worries about potential judgment, preemptive assumptions about their responses, and lingering resentment can impede this process.

To break the cycle, you need to reach a state of complete commitment. It’s essential to embark on a journey of renewal, where you invest your utmost effort and release the grip of the past.

In the end there doesn’t have to be anyone who understands you. There just has to be someone who wants to.

Robert Brault

If your aim is to maintain the bond and steer clear of resorting to something as drastic as Switch Therapy, which entails risking your marriage to salvage it, bear in mind that true romances and marriages are composed of two distinct individuals. These individuals will perpetually evolve, learn, and contribute to their growth both individually and as partners.

Wake up each morning without presumptions, and instead, embrace the opportunity to uncover new aspects of your partner daily. By doing so, you solidify your connection. Failure to adopt this perspective might lead you down a path where you seek answers from sources like Seven Year Switch.