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How Valentine’s Day is being celebrated around the world

How Valentine’s Day is being celebrated around the world

Valentine’s Day presents a wonderful opportunity to shine a spotlight on your significant other. Whether it’s baking a cake, purchasing flowers, penning a heartfelt card, or surprising your love with a unique gesture like a love potion, the options are endless.

If you find yourself lacking inspiration, we’re here to assist and explore the diverse ways in which Valentine’s Day is celebrated globally. Share your affection with your loved ones, embodying the spirit of Saint Valentinus.

While expressing love is a year-round endeavor, February 14 is the perfect time to elevate your efforts and make your loved ones feel extra special. Join the global celebration of Valentine’s Day 2024, and let us offer some inspiration on how to make this day of love truly memorable.

01. St. Dwynwen’s Day in Wales

In Wales, an alternative to Valentine’s Day is celebrated a few weeks earlier on January 25th. This alternative commemorates Princess Dydd Santes Dwynwen, who faced unrequited love and turned to God for assistance.

By seeking divine intervention to erase thoughts of the unattainable man, she found solace and redirected her life, eventually choosing to become a nun. While this tale may sound somewhat melancholic, it underscores the beauty of an enduring, sacred love.

02. Celebrate love in Denmark

Denmark has a uniquely original approach to celebrating love, seamlessly blending the yearning for affection with a touch of humor. In this Danish tradition, individuals craft their own playful notes, combining witty expressions with tender rhymes.

These teasing missives add a delightful element of laughter to the celebration of love, showcasing Denmark’s distinctive and lighthearted take on expressing affection.

03. Delayed love in Japan

In Japan, men are fortunate recipients of homemade chocolates from their wives, receiving special attention and indulgence. However, women have to exercise patience as the confirmation of mutual love is reserved for a later date.

March 14th, known as White Day, is when men reciprocate and express their feelings, completing the cycle of affectionate gestures in this unique Japanese tradition.

04. Giving roses in Taiwan

In Taiwan, the Valentine’s Day tradition of gifting roses takes on a distinctive and meaningful twist. Unlike the common practice of giving a few roses, the Taiwanese culture goes all out, attributing special messages to both the quantity and colors of the flowers exchanged.

Red roses, for instance, symbolize a declaration of exclusive and undivided love. On the other hand, the significant number 99 represents eternal love, while the grand total of 108 roses signals a profound message— a marriage proposal.

This elaborate flower language adds a rich layer of sentiment and cultural significance to the act of gifting roses in Taiwan.

05. Love potion as a tradition in Belgium

It might not come as a surprise, but in Belgium and the Netherlands, Valentine’s Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Gifts, anonymous love letters, and even love potions add a special touch to this day dedicated to love. If you want to honor the fluttering butterflies in your stomach and pamper your significant other with a unique love elixir or a sensuous beverage, here’s an idea.

Create a magical love potion by combining a pinch of rose petals, chicory root, and jasmine in a jar. Each of these three herbs possesses enchanting romantic properties, and when blended together, they form a love potion designed to bring you closer to your beloved.

When planning a romantic evening, a glass of red wine or a bottle of champagne is the ideal choice for an alcoholic drink that sets the mood for romance. For a non-alcoholic option, consider serving up some refreshing Sangria, a perfect Valentine’s Day beverage that’s sure to please any loving couple.

This is how Valentine’s Day is being celebrated around the world conclusion

No matter the plans you have as a couple on February 14, relish the moment and take stock of the wonderful things you share. Love stands out as the most invaluable possession universally, so cherish it wholeheartedly! Celebrate the beauty of your connection and the special bond you’ve built together.