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What love does to your body

What love does to your body

Do you experience unsteady knees, fluttering sensations in your stomach, and a racing heart? These are all indicators that you’re in love, and your body is responding to this emotional state.

It’s needless to say that various physiological processes occur in your body when you’re in love or attracted to someone, and it’s utterly fascinating. Adrenaline courses through your veins, hormones surge in your body, and your entire biological system undergoes a transformation. The intensity of desire and yearning can sometimes feel overwhelming, beyond your control.

After all, as mammals, there’s an innate inclination toward reproduction embedded in your system. Even if the explicit desire for children is absent, there’s an underlying aspect of your biology geared toward this purpose. It’s crucial to acknowledge this rather than deny it. However, just because there’s a compelling physical impulse doesn’t mean you must act on it.

This ability to discern and make decisions distinguishes us from other animals. We can recognize the impulse and, even in a split second, choose whether to act on it or not. Granted, it’s not an easy task. The physical dimension of the journey of love is undeniably significant. Eros and Thanatos, isn’t that right?

The health benefits of your state of love

Everyone undergoes the experience, but do we ever contemplate the impact of love, or more specifically infatuation, on our well-being? The euphoria that ensues when someone reciprocates our affection or simply casts a glance in our direction is often enough to evoke a swoon at the mere thought.

However, beyond the familiar physical sensations, does this state of being connected also yield health benefits for your body?

Love and… intimacy

When immersed in love and deciding to elevate your relationship, intimacy becomes a delightful byproduct. Apart from the sheer enjoyment and the physical benefits of engaging in a fantastic form of exercise, sex can also mitigate stress, alleviate pain, fortify pelvic floor muscles, and enhance prostate health in men.

In addition to these physical advantages, the act of intimacy has a profound impact on the mind. Physical contact triggers the production of oxytocin, a substance that fosters feelings of connection and trust. If you often grapple with headaches, consider reaching for an aspirin and embracing intimacy—it may truly work wonders for you.

Love and… the heart

It is often said that genuine love emanates from the heart. But were you aware that love, in reality, strengthens the heart? A study conducted by the University of Rochester in New York reveals that a fulfilling relationship can contribute to an increased likelihood of survival and improved post-surgical recovery for the heart, such as after heart surgery.

Love and… pain

Once you have discovered each other and cultivated a sense of trust and security, it can positively impact your experience of pain. Falling in love activates a specific region of the brain also triggered by the use of pain relievers. Simply holding each other’s hands can be sufficient. So, let’s spread the love!

Love and… intelligence

Anyone assuming that love exclusively brings positive influences to your body and health may be mistaken. For instance, during an intense infatuation, your brain is preoccupied with thoughts of your new romantic interest, making concentration challenging and diminishing performance in your professional endeavors.

In a way, an intense crush might make you appear ‘less intelligent’… Fortunately, as the saying goes, love is blind.

What love does to your body conclusion

Love and… your personal journey. Have you discovered the love of your life and do you resonate with the health effects mentioned earlier? Or perhaps there’s a crucial aspect you haven’t considered yet? It’s essential to keep in mind: all you need is love, but understanding its multifaceted impact on your well-being is equally valuable.

If you’ve found your true love, you may have experienced the strengthening effect on your heart, the pain-alleviating qualities in your body, and even the cognitive shifts that accompany an intense crush. However, the exploration of love’s influence on our lives is an ongoing process.

Reflect on your own experiences with love and consider how it has shaped your physical and emotional well-being. Every love story is unique, and understanding the intricacies of how love impacts you personally can be a fascinating and enlightening journey.

So, as you navigate the complexities of supreme love, embrace the idea that it goes beyond mere emotion—it’s a dynamic force in your body that can profoundly shape your overall health and happiness.

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