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Laughter is the ultimate language of the soul

Laughter is the ultimate language of the soul

When you smile, you show me your innermost thoughts, you show me the real you, you let me discover all of your secrets, and I feel close to you. Sometimes you can make me happy with just a little roundness on your lips, because your eyes smile at me before your mouth does.

Every time you smile you show me the world just the way you see it. You teach me that there is a way to see the world with an open soul and a willingness to learn. And if you don’t smile I’ll fight with all I’ve got to make your lips fly towards the sky.

Deny me bread, air, light, spring, but never your laughter for I would die

Pablo Neruda

Why do we lose our sense of humor?

A child laughs about 400 times a day and an adult around 15. This may be because we lose our innocence or our sense of humor. But the reality is that in many cases we do need to regain the happiness of laughter like children. To be able to have fun and learn to see life in a much simpler and more fun way.

One of the causes of our lack of humor in some situations is the rigidity with which we behave. Our lack of naturalness, our fear of breaking the rules, of not respecting the norms. But who came up with these rules? What happens if we don’t respect them? Well, nothing is going to happen, since we’re just going to be ourselves.

It’s easy to spot this lack of humor when you get on the bus early in the morning and see the faces of the people there. Just to realize that no one is smiling, that everyone has lost their good mood. But have you ever stopped to think about what happens when you smile a little more? You’ll lose nothing and your own problems remain the same. But if you do hint at a smile, you will certainly see things differently!

Learn to laugh at yourself again.

Learn to laugh at yourself again

When we are children, we’re not ashamed and don’t think about our faults and virtues. No way: we are just happy and we smile at life. Smiling this way is a matter of self-respect too. Since if we love ourselves, we will be able to accept our faults and virtues. And set aside the importance we place on what other people think.

But it’s not only when you have a good self-esteem that you can laugh at yourself. But when you do laugh at yourself, you’ll strengthen your self-esteem. Therefore, it is something that works both ways.

Another way to learn to laugh at ourselves again is to learn to overcome our shyness, and our embarrassment about other people’s opinions. Because it’s that sensitivity to negative criticism that paralyzes us and doesn’t allow us to enjoy our laughter.

Therefore learn to be spontaneous, say what’s on your mind, tell jokes, laugh, and don’t be afraid. Nothing will happen to you and you’re surely going to have more fun!

A smile is the secret key that opens many hearts

Robert Baden Powell

Laughter as therapy

Laughter therapy is no longer just a way to fight stress or have fun. It has become a method with real medical and psychological applications.

The psychologist José Elías, a pioneer of laughter therapy in Spain, revealed that laughter strengthens the heart. Because when we laugh, we move around 420 muscles in our body, including the heart muscle. In addition, laughter lowers our blood pressure as it increases the diameter of our blood vessels. And it aids in breathing as well, as the ventilation system is increased to its maximum level.

A woman can give everything with a smile and get it back with a tear later

Coco Chanel

With all of this in mind, we do know now that laughter improves our quality of life and our health. And has positive effects too, both physical and psychological. Learning to laugh helps us to see life from a different angle. In a much more pleasant and healthy point of view. So smile, because that’s the ultimate language of your soul. It’s the way you can go out and fly!