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Looking after each other by living better together

Looking after each other by living better together

Reflecting on the recent years, the COVID-19 period has been a time of embracing various changes: adhering to curfews, maintaining a 1.5-meter distance, experiencing lockdowns, quarantines, face masks, corona passes, and undergoing testing and vaccinations. In the past, our new year resolutions often revolved around desires to travel more, exercise, or lose weight.

However, now we find ourselves contemplating whether the upcoming years will bring improvements. Are we prepared to face unforeseen events with equanimity? What will be our aspirations for the future, and what insights can we gain from looking back? As we set our intentions, do we also consider the key to building a better society?


During the process of self-reflection, we seek to comprehend the significance of our experiences, aiming to learn and grow from them. The past year has been particularly intricate due to the impact of the coronavirus. Strict measures have hindered many of our regular habits, and not everyone has had a positive encounter with homeschooling and remote work.

Despite facing various obstacles and negative situations, we still have the opportunity to support those who have had an even harder time, such as the vulnerable elderly. Engaging in introspection, we examine how we have navigated challenging circumstances and the choices we have made. This introspective practice fosters self-awareness, enabling us to enhance our understanding of ourselves and our actions.

Find more depth

Determining life’s priorities can be a complex task. Often, while striving to achieve our goals, we may unintentionally neglect important aspects like spending time with our loved ones. For instance, a demanding job or rigorous training regimen may consume so much of our time that there’s little left for meaningful connections with those around us.

However, when we seek greater depth and meaning, we pause and dedicate time to introspection. We reflect on what truly matters to us, assess our well-being, and become better attuned to our emotions. This self-exploration allows us to discern and grasp what holds genuine significance in our lives.

Open yourself to the unknown

In times like corona, reflecting on others became more accessible when we embrace openness to the unfamiliar. Strengthening our connections and minimizing conflicts, while embracing diversity, can serve as a crucial beginning towards inclusivity. Practicing unconditional acceptance allows everyone the freedom to be themselves without judgment.

By adopting an open-minded approach towards the unfamiliar, we take an initial stride towards better comprehension of the ‘unknown’. Through this open attitude, we can extend support to marginalized groups in society, facilitating their active participation. Consequently, we can work to ensure that no one misses out on the opportunity to connect with society.

Inner power

Through the faculty of consciousness, you empower yourself to observe both the external world and your inner self, leading to a heightened awareness of your true reality and surroundings. This sensory perception process significantly influences your emotional state.

This increased awareness provides valuable insights that encourage deep introspection. You may contemplate your various experiences, encompassing both negative, such as fear or sadness, and positive emotions like happiness. Acknowledging and accepting these feelings better allows you to tap into your inner strength and resilience.

Looking after each other by living better together conclusion

In short, looking at the other can be a key to a better society. Before we can do this we must be aware of our own inner feelings and powers. To put feelings into words, it is necessary to recognize feelings in yourself.

When we can be empathetic enough, we know ourselves better on an emotional level, we are aware of ourselves and of others. Empathizing with the other is a challenge to enrichment and humanization and this can be a good resolution for the years to come, which will be full of new surprises.