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Why do we flirt more in the summer?

Why do we flirt more in the summer?

The terraces are bustling, and the parks are once again teeming with people dressed for the summer, prompting us to ponder where they all spend their winter days. With their light clothing and jovial demeanor, we delight in the pleasantly warm summer evenings until the early hours. However, why do we seem to become so affectionate and passionate during the summer?

Notably, there are at least seven songs titled ‘Summer Love’, which emphasizes the commonality of indulging in flirting, summer flings and romances. Yet, one might wonder if we coined the term ourselves or if the concept genuinely exists.

There’s more love in the air during summer

The question of why we become more receptive to love, more inclined to flirt, and seemingly more skilled at it naturally is intriguing. It’s peculiar that our love life, including our sex life, appears to have a seasonal pattern.

However, Janine Driver, a TED Talk speaker, author, and CEO of the Body Language Institute, sees this as anything but strange – and that’s fortunate. In her discussion on Psychology Today, she explains that a summer romance is not merely enjoyable; it can actually contribute to a healthy life balance, elevate our happiness, and enhance our overall sense of fulfillment.

The benefits, not the burdens

In reality, this rationale is not as far-fetched as it may initially seem. During the entire summer, we get to experience the most delightful aspects of love: the excitement of new love, an unstoppable sex drive, and a heightened appreciation of each other’s positive qualities. We enjoy a carefree state for months without the commitment of a long-term relationship, essentially reaping the benefits of romance without the burdens.

The reason behind our increased flirting and summer flings is rather straightforward. Summer offers numerous opportunities to meet potential love interests, thanks to the abundance of events like park barbecues and extended terrace evenings that promote social interactions. Unlike the more reserved winter months when we tend to stay indoors, summer encourages us to be out and about, increasing our chances of finding a summer sweetheart.

Moreover, warmer temperatures prompt us to wear more revealing summer clothing, which can act as a trigger for sexual arousal, as suggested by LiveScience. Additionally, the feeling of escaping from the daily routines of work or studies during summer can lead to more romantic and spontaneous flirty encounters. In such moments of ‘pause’ or a sense of ‘escape’ from our regular lives, we become more receptive to engaging in romantic and sexual experiences.

Most relationships end in the summer

Mr. Zuckerberg can attest to the existence of summer loves. In 2010 and 2011, Facebook released data revealing that the age groups under 25, between 25 and 44, and those aged 44 and above experienced a higher frequency of changing their relationship status to ‘broken up’ between May and August, compared to the rest of the year. It’s a reminder that our online activities are closely monitored.

Whether we consider summer love a cultural anecdote or a term supported by data, there’s no denying that summer seems to bring an influx of love and romance. According to American psychologist Catherine Sanderson, this can be attributed to our heightened sociability during the summer season, engaging in more activities and attending numerous events. Embracing new experiences including flirting tends to enhance our overall happiness.

Flirting tips from a real expert

Are the butterflies in your stomach scarce? Research indicates that your subconscious takes anywhere from 90 seconds to 4 minutes to determine if you feel attracted to someone.

Driver, an expert in body language, suggests that the direction of your belly button can reveal your emotional state. If your belly button is turned away, you may appear closed off, and the same applies the other way around. If you’re interested in someone, ensure that your belly is facing them.

First impressions matter significantly, as they are not easily changed. Would you like to leave a warm and positive impression? Make sure to maintain eye contact, offer a warm smile, have your belly facing the other person, and align your feet in their direction. Embrace a playful and flirty summer!