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Discover the influence of colors on your mood

Discover the influence of colors on your mood

Colors have a major effect on your mood, writes Jean-Gabriel Causse in his book ‘The amazing influence of colors’. For example, red evokes emotions, while green gives peace. This comes handy to take into account when painting your house, choosing a new interior or when putting together the outfit you wear during your first date or a job interview.

Red evokes emotions, while green gives peace.

So, you want to know the properties of the colors you use or wear. Which color do you feel comfortable with?

Green: Harmonious

At home, green creates harmony. You’ll associate this color with nature and it provides peace and balance. The color green in your home encourages you to take enough rest and to organize your time in a pleasant way. It’s an ideal color for the living room and office. And with green clothing you’ll leave a friendly and balanced impression.

Orange: Enthusiastic

Orange stands out as a color. It evokes enthusiasm, coziness, vitality and fun. Orange encourages you to connect and use humor in your communication. It’s a fine color for at home, and for a business environment as well. You stand out positively in an orange piece of clothing. But watch out for too much orange, because that makes you restless.

Blue: Soothing

Blue gives peace and ensures a clear communication. Do you like to wear blue? Then you come across as loyal and reliable. Do you use blue in your living room? That gives serene peace. For people who suffer from heart problems or high blood pressure, blue is a nice, calming color. And for energetic children, blue offers calmness. The soothing effect of this color increases concentration and focus as well.

Brown: Reliable

Brown has the same effects as green due to its association with nature. But be careful with too much brown in your home, because the darkness of this color can arouse gloomy feelings. Brown clothing however makes you appear careful and reliable. It’s not a color that makes an exciting impression, but it will make you feel strong and calm.

Pink: Romantic

The color pink stands for romance, innocence and often femininity. This charming color is not only calming, youthful and playful. But energizing and full of passion too. The intensity of the color pink largely determines the feeling that is evoked. With a softer form, for example baby pink, it can have a calming effect.

Red: Intense

The color red attracts attention. With a red dress you are surely the center of attention, regardless of how you feel at that moment. No one will avert their gaze from red. So consciously choose red, also at home. The intense color red surely gives a romantic, warm atmosphere. But also arouses temperament, passion and emotion. A little bit of red color in the bedroom can therefore do no harm.

Yellow: Positive

To inspire, that’s what the color yellow does. Yellow evokes ‘joie de vivre’ and positive feelings. But before you paint your whole house in this color: this color can be too stimulating. And, in addition to emotions, it can also evoke nausea. So watch out for an excess of this color. Even though some yellow elements in your home and clothing are quite mood-enhancing.

White: Neutral

White is a beautiful neutral color. It’s especially important in fashion, since white can be worn with almost all colors. And radiates neutrality, peace and purity. Medics often wear a white coat to exude a sterile look and cleanliness. But too much white can also be quite boring.

Grey: Calm

You wear or use the color grey if you want to come across as neutral, calm and emotionally stable. It generates peace and feelings of protection too. And it seems that people with a preference for grey are often strong individuals. But be aware: the color grey can also make you boring and decent.

Black: Powerful

Black is elegant, powerful, timeless, sensual and stylish. That’s why many people like to wear black clothing. In addition, it is a beautiful protective color. And if you do not want to stand out in a group, then wear black clothing. On the other hand, black is also the color of mourning and sadness. This means black can make you feel less cheerful.

Discover the influence of colors on your mood conclusion

Colors play an important role in our lives. What clothes we wear, how we decorate our house, whether we like something or not. But color not only determines our day-to-day choices, it also directs our mood and feelings.

For example, the brighter and more striking the color(s) you use or wear, the more attention you’ll attract with your outfit or look in your home. Wearing and using light, soft pastel shades will make you more approachable and make you come across as friendly and a good listener.

From intense to relaxing, from boredom to eroticizing, it’s amazing what color can do to your and someone else’s mood!

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