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Is ice cream healthy or are they calorie bombs?

Is ice cream healthy or are they calorie bombs?

Do you presume that ice cream is not healthy? Since the idea that ice cream being considered a nutritious food is simultaneously captivating and preposterous. Due to its irresistible taste, sweetness, and high saturated fat content.

Yes we know, healthy may be an exaggeration, but ice cream is certainly not unhealthy. It is true that it contains a lot of sugars, but in addition, the base is made of ice cream, eggs and milk. Milk and eggs provide important building materials, such as proteins and amino acids.

Fruit flavored ice cream often contains vitamin C as well. This vitamin is found in fruit, vegetables and potatoes and is good for the immune system.

ice cream with fruits on the table

Is it true that all ice creams are calorie bombs?

That is kind of a myth, but … there is a lot of difference between all sort of ice creams. And almost every kind of ice cream contains a lot of sugar.

Anyhow, almost everyone truly likes ice cream. It’s tasty, a treat and it also reminds you of a summer holiday. So, it’s really uch a pity that this delicacy is often full of sugars.

Why does ice cream contain so much sugar?

There are different types of ice cream: ice cream, water ice, gelato and sorbet. Depending on their composition, their calorie, fat, sugar, vitamin and mineral content also differs.

And be aware: even an ice cream that doesn’t taste sweet contains a lot of sugar. That’s because the low temperature of ice cream flattens out the sweet taste. Just let an ice cream defrost (a little bit) and taste again: it will be very sweet!

A lot of sugar is needed to give ice cream a nice sweet taste. And if it contains a lot of sugar, then it (unfortunately) also contains a lot of calories.

You could make a slim choice

Still, you can make a slim choice if you want to eat an ice cream. Fruit-based popsicles and sorbets are always a slimmer choice than chocolate-packed ice cream. You can recognize this sorbet ice cream by its firm, non-shiny structure.

For water ice and sorbet ice cream, the more fruit it contains, the less regular sugar is needed to make it sweet. In addition to the sugars, ice cream also contains a considerable amount of fat. So that surely means more calories.

Yogurt ice cream also sounds very healthy. Since the basis is yogurt instead of cream, so that means less fat. But it also always contains a lot of sugar to make it taste sweet.

Choose vegan ice cream

The latest ice cream trend is vegan ice cream. This means that the ice cream is made without animal ingredients. So without cream, yoghurt or eggs. Natural fruit can be used in vegan ice cream as a base or ‘milk substitutes’. Such as almond milk, coconut milk or soy milk.

However, in terms of calories, these ice creams are not inferior to regular ice creams. After all, they are also simply sweetened. And almonds and coconut contain a lot of fat too.

Enjoy it every now and then

So, does healthy eating and eating ice cream go together? Of course! It does not mean that if you occasionally eat an ice cream, you are unhealthy. However, do realize that no matter how innocent a sorbet ice cream, pear popsicle or vegan coupe may seem, it still contains a lot of sugars.

Preferably opt for fruit-based ice cream, enjoy a small ice cream or opt for only one scoop instead of a whole coupe. And consider making ice cream yourself at home, with less sugar.

Making ice cream yourself

Making ice cream from fruit is not difficult at all. If you have a freezer at home or a good freezer compartment in your fridge, then you can also make ice cream.

Reasons why eating ice cream is very good for your health

Is it true? Does eating ice cream has benefits for your health? It seems like a dream, but it’s really true. From now you can use the following amazing reasons if you do fancy a delicious ice cream.

It helps losing weight!

Yes it’s true! Ice cream contains calcium. This mineral is necessary for a well-functioning metabolism. One medical study even found that eating low-fat ice cream every day stimulates weight loss.

It contains vitamins!

Because ice cream contains a lot of milk and cream, it also contains many vitamins. Milk and cream contain vitamin D, vitamin A, calcium, vitamin B2 and phosphorus. Besides this, it also depends on the flavor of the ice cream which vitamins it contains. Vanilla ice cream, for example, contains vanilla beans that contain a lot of antioxidants and some magnesium.

It’s a good breakfast!

Eating ice cream in the morning will give your brain a boost. A study showed that people who ate ice cream for breakfast were much more alert.

It gives you energy!

Ice cream contains a lot of sugar. Sugar gives energy. That’s why you can eat an ice cream before doing a heavy workout.

It gives you strong bones!

Eating ice cream makes your bones and teeth stronger. This is because it contains calcium.

It makes you happy!

Lastly, an ice cream will make you happy. A study by Unilever and the University of Amsterdam has shown that eating ice cream activates the ‘pleasure centers’ in the brain. This is because serotonin is produced when you eat ice cream. Just like chocolate.

Ice cream makes you happy!

Is ice cream healthy or are they calorie bombs conclusion

Ice cream can be a delicious treat because it is creamy, cold and sweet. However, like many sweet treats, it can be high in calories, sugar and fat. Interestingly, while low-fat or sugar-free foods are often advertised as healthier, they can contain about the same number of calories as regular ice cream.

So, when buying ice cream, pay close attention to nutrition and ingredient labels. And you could try pre-portioned foods like ice cream bars or mini containers to avoid overdoing it. In addition, you can practice mindful eating to savor every bite!

Ice cream can be part of a healthy, balanced diet if eaten occasionally and in moderation. Just enjoy it every now and then. And keep the reasons in mind why eating ice cream is very good for your health. Simply indulge… but with moderation!

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