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How to boost your exercise routine with apps

How to boost your exercise routine with apps

The advancement of mobile technology has brought about a transformation in how we manage our health and maintain an active lifestyle. Presently, more than 80% of the American population possesses a smartphone, and the surge in popularity of wearable fitness devices such as the Apple Watch and Fitbit has gained significant traction, being adopted by 21% of individuals across the nation.

Employing fitness apps can serve as a valuable asset for enhancing the well-being and mental state of anyone. These apps provide the advantages of convenience, customization, motivation, monitoring, stress reduction, cost-efficiency, and improved physical health outcomes.

More than 97,000 available wellness apps

However, given the abundance of over 97,000 wellness apps accessible solely on mobile app stores in the United States, we acknowledge the difficulty in identifying the most suitable option for your requirements or determining their efficacy.

Fortunately, there are fitness apps crafted to offer users a convenient, tailored, and efficient means of maintaining fitness and well-being. These apps are accessible on smartphones and various other mobile devices, ensuring their ease of use and accessibility.

Four of the top virtual workout apps

Outlined below are four of the top virtual workout apps currently accessible.


Providing the advantages of a fitness studio right from the comfort of any location, this user-friendly application allows you to effortlessly select your desired workout type—ranging from HIIT and boxing to Pilates and barre—and engage in virtual training sessions with a personal instructor.

Payment options include per-session fees or packages of four, eight, or twelve sessions. Additionally, FlexIt extends its offerings to encompass virtual physical therapy, nutritional guidance, meditation and mindfulness sessions, as well as support for both pre- and post-natal care.


Simplicity at its finest, this exercise routine app presents an extensive array of uncomplicated body-weight training, weight lifting, and cardio sessions. What sets it apart is an intriguing feature: the more you engage in workouts, the more personalized your program evolves.

Fitbod employs advanced algorithms to scrutinize your workout background, providing tailored recommendations for enhancements and introducing novel exercises that could prove advantageous.


Perfect for those who quickly lose interest, Obé boasts a collection of 7,000 on-demand classes encompassing various styles and durations. After the pandemic, the company recognized a growing demand for tailored exercise routine programs, prompting an expansion to cater to this requirement.

Presently, members have the option to fill out a questionnaire detailing their objectives, favored workout genres, time availability, and individual prerequisites. The app then processes this information to curate personalized regimens that integrate elements of strength training, cardiovascular exercises, flexibility routines, and self-care practices.


Experience the presence of a top-tier trainer accessible round-the-clock via your smartphone. Upon completing a comprehensive questionnaire, you’ll be matched with a skilled professional who formulates a strategy aligned with your aspirations and adaptable to your way of life (including your exercise routine preferences, workout location, and available equipment).

Complementing a weekly itinerary that provides precise guidance, you’ll receive audio coaching delivered to your app for motivational support during exercise routines. The Future app keeps tabs on your advancements and identifies completed (or unfinished) workouts, enabling your trainer to refine your regimen as you make headway.

How to boost your exercise routine with apps conclusion

Amidst the rapid pace of modern life, achieving a harmonious equilibrium between work and personal life has grown increasingly intricate. Demanding timetables, extended commutes, and high workloads can adversely impact the well-being and mental health of employees.

Nonetheless, in the wake of technological advancements, everyone now have access to a diverse range of fitness apps designed to assist them in adhering to their exercise routines and other wellness objectives.

Feeling reluctant to make your way to the gym today? No need to worry. The latest and most innovative virtual exercise routine options offer tailored sweat-inducing sessions tailored to your specific fitness requirements and aims.

Keep in mind that recent health research reveals even dedicating a mere 5 minutes to exercising each day can yield substantial benefits! So, prepare yourself to engage in an invigorating workout!

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