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How to buy more happiness with your money: 8 tips!

How to buy more happiness with your money: 8 tips!

Money does not make you happy. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t buy happiness for your money at all. With the following tips you’ll receive maximum happiness from your hard-earned money!

1. Buy experiences

Research has shown that people are happier with experiences than with material things. So leave that new outfit hanging and go out for dinner with a good friend. Other fun experiences are holidays, a night out, a day at the zoo, a night away, a day at the spa and a movie.

Although durable goods like clothing last longer than an experience, they’ll increase your happiness level for a shorter time and less intensely. A day out makes you happy, you’ll get the feeling that you are really ‘alive’. And if you also share this experience with nice people, and capture the memories with photos, then you can enjoy them for a long time!

2. Buy things that make your life easier

Just think of the pleasure you do feel when you throw a dishwasher detergent tab in the lid and turn on your dishwasher. This machine will now do the work for you. Things like a good dishwasher, a fancy iron, a washer dryer, an iPhone or a new computer program can make your life easier.

By investing in these types of products you can banish tedious tasks from your life and therefore feel happier. Unfortunately, you’ll quickly get used to this luxury, but you will still be happy that you no longer have to do all the dirty dishes by hand!

3. Buy gifts

With buying nice gifts you can make yourself and someone else happy. Therefore, regularly buy small things for the people around you and notice how good it makes you feel. Research shows that sharing your happiness and wealth brings you more happiness. Provided you don’t let yourself be taken advantage of.

Regularly buy nice things for the people you love as well. And notice how they’ll share more with you too. Instead of tangible gifts, you can spread happiness just as well when you give someone a great experience (like providing a high tea).

4. Buy confidence

Clothes make the man (and woman), so it’s possible to buy confidence too. Since part of your self-confidence is determined by how you look. If you regularly wear nice clothes and look good, this investment can boost your self-confidence. And such a healthy dose of self-confidence is an important building block for happiness.

But be aware: surely do not buy all kinds of clothing haphazardly. But think about what look you would prefer to have, and then only buy clothing that matches this image. Moreover, you can also invest in make-up, gel, care products and other things that help you boost your self-confidence.

5. Buy freedom

What good is your life if you are strapped to your couch most of the time? Money can buy freedom. Think of tickets for public transport, a bicycle and of course a car. This way you can enjoy mobility and go wherever you want.

Freedom is an important aspect of happiness, although it carries more weight for men than for women. Your own car (with a full tank) takes you anywhere you want to be. And that is a wonderful feeling every time.

6. Buy light and space

Certain environments have been proven to make you happier than others. For instance, if you stay in a light, open and spacious environment. Then you’ll probably feel happier than in a small and dark space.

With money you can buy your own house and opt for light and space. You can choose a house with many windows, a nice garden and furnish the room in such a way that you feel comfortable in it. A pleasant home base means a lot for your daily happiness.

7. Buy good health

You can use your money wisely to support your health. For example, choose healthy foods, get a massage now and then and subscribe to the gym. With spending some more money you can even use a personal trainer.

With a nice amount of money you can easily buy healthy organic food, necessary supplements, and good health insurance. You can spend it on a good and comfortable bed too, or comfortable chairs, good ventilation in the house and countless other things that nurture your health.

8. Buy things that make you happy

There are certain things that can cheer you up when you really do need it. For example, to stream your favorite comedy series on your tv can come in very handy after a hard, long day of work. Or if you like video games, then it can be a good investment to buy a game console with your favorite games.

You can put some extra money into your hobby if you notice that it contributes to your daily happiness. Like having pets at home. They’ll definitely cost money but can give you a lot of joy. Music, books and movies can also give you a lot of inspiration and happiness.

And yes, even chocolate can be a fine happiness booster if used in moderation. Or how about organizing a nice evening with friends? The money you’ll spend on snacks and drinks do transform into a pleasant evening!

Conclusion of how to buy more happiness with your money: 8 tips!

There are plenty of opportunities to spend your money on things that make you happier. Sure, money doesn’t really buy happiness, but it can support you on certain fronts very nicely. But it is very important to know that you must never lose sight of the fact that happiness lies within you. And that you can be very happy, even with little money, as long as you can meet your basic needs.