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This is how you choose the right sportswear

This is how you choose the right sportswear

To mention that exercise is important would be a big understatement. But to what extent does the kind of sportswear you use affect your performance? In this NewWaysBetterDays we share some tips for getting the right sportswear.

Determine the kind of sportswear

At first, you do need to determine what kind of sportswear you need. This largely depends on the sport you are going to practice. For some sports it’s very simple. Like: are you going to swim? Then you’ll need appropriate swimwear and some swimming goggles.

When you go jogging or running, you’ll initially need a running outfit and good running shoes. But you might also benefit from compression socks. These are high sports socks that fit closely from the ankle to just below the knee. The pressure that these stockings exert on your feet and lower legs ensures that your muscles acidify less quickly.

Unlike other sports, it is difficult to improve a training session in the gym by wearing special compression socks or a good pair of swimming trunks.

Instead, the emphasis here is on some high-performance fabrics, which are moisture-wicking and breathable and are lightweight. It’s very important that you do feel extremely comfortable in your sportswear and that your outfit meets the gym etiquette.

Luckily, when it comes to gym clothes, there aren’t many rules to follow. The most important factors are a good fit, a pleasant color and of course an appropriate style.

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The right fit of your sportswear

It’s important to make sure your outfit fits perfectly when working out at the gym. Because no matter the kind of workout you do, from weight lifting to cardio to yoga, a perfect fit is truly a must. And by perfect, we mean clothes that give your arms, legs and waist a full range of motion to tackle any exercise. Therefore it is absolutely not the intention that your sportswear is too tight.

A full range of motion really doesn’t mean you have to pull out baggy t-shirts and shorts from your closet. Many sporting clothes brands, like Champion with its great apparel collection and Crop Shop Boutique women’s athleisure wear, make sportswear that fits well, without sacrificing performance.

Cotton and polyester blends help a lot with this, so surely keep an eye out for these types of garments. Sweatpants and yoga pants, shirts and compression clothing are often made of these fabrics.

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Mindfulness is healthy

The ideal fit differs per sport. For example, it is very important that you buy jogging and yoga pants in the right size. Yoga is very intensive. You move, stretch and twist all the time. So, you must be able to move freely in all directions. That is why it is often recommended to wear tighter clothing for yoga. These clothes are less in the way during the yoga class.

For CrossFit training, shorts and a t-shirt are sufficient. Due to the diversity of exercises, good shoes are a must as well. On the one hand, they must provide ample firmness during lifting and strength exercises. At the same time, they must be flexible for rope climbing and running.

The right color of your sportswear

From performance towards style. When combining sportswear, naturally you would want to look decent. To make this possible, you can pay attention to the color combination of your shirt and pants. If you like, you could avoid having your top and pants the same color. You can do this by combining a bright top with gray or black sports pants, or vice versa.

Besides this, you don’t have to limit your sportswear to a dull, lifeless color. It is quite pleasing to accompany yourself with a vibrant and fun color that the people surrounding you will completely resonate with! And makes you happy too!

The meanings behind different colors

By understanding the meanings behind different colors, you can make an educated choice about which colors to use for your brand. Red represents passion, excitement, and importance, while orange conveys playfulness and energy.

Yellow suggests happiness and optimism, whereas green symbolizes stability and growth. Light blue is associated with tranquility and trust, while dark blue suggests professionalism and security. Purple is linked to royalty and creativity, and pink signifies femininity and innocence.

Brown creates a rugged, earthy feel, while white connotes cleanliness and simplicity. Gray is neutral and can suggest different moods, such as seriousness or mystery, while black evokes power, sophistication, and modernity.

This is how you choose the right sportswear conclusion

As you know by now, the most important factors for choosing the right sportswear are fit, color and style. Plus do not forget the right fit of your sportswear too. Because comfort, quality, but also appearance are extremely important.

This is why you would want to get your sportswear from an excellent sporting clothes brand. Because wearing the right outfits will help you practice the sport comfortably!