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Superb ways to save money at Walmart

Superb ways to save money at Walmart

Although Walmart is an excellent place to save money on groceries and other items on your shopping list, even frequent Walmart shoppers may not be aware of several additional ways to save money at this retail giant. Because did you know that Walmart is the 2nd biggest retailer in the world?!

This handy article will show you ways to spend less when shopping at Walmart.

The ‘secret’ Walmart price tag codes

Were you aware that you can determine if a clearance item at Walmart is soon to be further discounted just by examining the price tag?

An undisclosed Walmart employee once shared some insight on how to decode the price tag information:

A price that concludes with a 7 is usually the original price, such as $2.97 or $5.57. If you see a price ending in 7, it implies that you are paying the full price.

A price that ends with a 5 or 0 is the first markdown price, such as $3.25 or $45.00. Although this price is superior to the original price, it is not necessarily the lowest price the item may drop to.

Finally, a price ending in 1 represents the final markdown price, such as $4.91 or $57.01. This is the ultimate deal at Walmart and the lowest price the item will be discounted to.

Discover incredible refurbished offers

Purchasing refurbished products that come with the manufacturer’s warranty is an excellent method to save money at Walmart, particularly on electronics.

However, how can you locate these refurbished bargains? It is actually a straightforward process, yet many Walmart customers are unaware of how to do so.

All you have to do is type ‘Refurbished’ into the search bar on, and you will be instantly directed to a variety of incredible deals.

Obtain free shipping for orders under $35

Regrettably, Walmart necessitates a minimum order of $35 or more to qualify for free 2-day delivery. This frequently results in shoppers adding items they do not truly require to their virtual shopping cart merely to qualify for free shipping, which is not a wise move.

Instead, consider using the Walmart Free Store Pickup service, which allows you to order online and, in most instances, pick up your purchase from your local store on the same day at no cost.

Once you have placed your online order, just wait for a text or email notification indicating that your order is ready for pickup. Then go to the Walmart Services Desk, which is usually located at the store’s front, and present the text or email along with your photo I.D. to complete the process.

Spend less with shopping at Walmart!

Discover ‘hidden’ offers on the website

To be honest, navigating the Walmart website can be challenging and downright aggravating.

This is particularly accurate when attempting to locate their online clearance section, as they frequently neglect to include the link “above the fold” in their site navigation structure. Fortunately, there is a straightforward solution that is not widely known among deal hunters.

Simply enter ‘Clearance’ into the search bar, and you will instantly gain access to all of their clearance offers.

Take advantage of Walmart’s price protection

Did you know that Walmart has a price protection policy that allows you to receive a refund if the item you purchased is reduced in price? Here are the details:

You have up to 7 days following your purchase to receive a price adjustment. Just bring your receipt to the original store of purchase and go to the customer service desk.

It’s important to note that you cannot receive a price adjustment when there is a difference between an online price and an in-store price. Exceptions include clearance items, special buys, value of the day items, or items purchased up to 7 days before Thanksgiving, Black Friday, or Cyber Week.

By taking advantage of their price protection policy, you no longer need to attempt to time your purchases based on price fluctuations.

Some other smart ways to get things cheaper at Walmart

Opt for the Great Value brand while shopping at Walmart

The Walmart store brand, known as ‘Great Value’, is not merely a name, as Great Value products are often less expensive than comparable name-brand items.

Purchase Walmart’s Flash Picks sale items

The retail giant Walmart is offering a sale called ‘Flash Picks’ which includes a selection of products available on both their website and app at a discounted price of up to 65%.

Subscribe to the Walmart+ service

Walmart+ is a subscription service offered by the retailer that is similar to Amazon Prime. Those who subscribe can take advantage of various benefits, including discounts on fuel, unlimited free delivery, and additional perks.

Get a Walmart Rewards Card

By utilizing the Walmart Rewards Card, you can benefit from rewards that extend beyond your shopping experience. The Capital One Walmart Rewards Card provides a 5% cash back on online purchases made at the store, along with other incentives such as statement credits and gift cards for qualifying purchases.

Superb ways to save money at Walmart conclusion

If you become acquainted with all the potential money-saving methods available at Walmart, you could potentially retain more of your funds. Consistently employing these cost-saving techniques over an extended period may even lead to substantial savings.

NewWaysBetterDays is wishing you great savings always, because we surely know these tips assist you in saving money at Walmart!

Spend less with shopping at Walmart!

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