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Why does French kissing feel so good and do we like it so much?

Why does French kissing feel so good and do we like it so much?

Kissing, the act of French kissing in particular, is undeniably pleasurable and enduringly appealing. However, have you ever wondered about the reasons behind this affectionate gesture and why it feels so special with one person yet may not invoke the same emotions with another?

Uncover fascinating insights into the world of kissing, from the subtle nuances of a tender kiss to the complexities of using tongues.

Kissing, kissing, and tongues… but why?

Kissing, the exchange of affection through lips and tongues, raises intriguing questions: Why does tongue kissing create such positive sensations of love, relaxation, and excitement? A well-executed French kiss often indicates more intimate connections ahead.

But where did this style of kissing originate, and what are the benefits of engaging in playful tongue interactions with different partners on a regular basis?

The history of the French kiss

The origin of the French Kiss, as it is commonly known, likely dates back to ancient times, making it a subject with scarce historical documentation. Nevertheless, it was only after the First World War, around 1920, that detailed descriptions of this passionate form of kissing surfaced.

English soldiers, observing their French counterparts engaging in this intimate act, were intrigued and eager to replicate it. Upon returning home, they introduced the French Kiss to their own partners, who responded with great enthusiasm and delight.

Is French kissing in France just called kissing?

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How did the French kiss originate?

The French kiss, commonly associated with passion and desire, might have had a completely different origin, according to some historical accounts. Many ages ago, our ancestors engaged in a practice called ‘kiss-feeding’, where pre-chewed food was passed from mouth to mouth, akin to how birds feed their young.

The tongue played the role of the mediator during this feeding process. Fortunately, this practice is no longer prevalent today, and we can be grateful for that.

This is why women kiss

By the way, an interesting fact is that the motivations behind kissing differ significantly between men and women. While both genders experience excitement from French kissing, for women, the pleasure is heightened when there is a favorable biological match – in other words, if the kissing partner tastes good.

Subconsciously, this assessment helps gauge the potential for caring for offspring with this individual.

Why do men kiss?

The reasons behind kissing also vary significantly for men. Unlike women, men may kiss with the intention of getting their partner into bed, and they might approach it somewhat discreetly. Interestingly, men’s saliva contains amounts of the hormone testosterone, which can arouse their kissing partner.

This might explain why some men prefer to kiss with more saliva, as higher levels of testosterone could lead to heightened sensations during the kiss.

Eating a raw oyster is like French kissing a mermaid

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There are many advantages to a good French kiss

It’s fascinating to discover that a satisfying French kiss can actually have positive effects on our health. Beyond burning a few calories, the main benefit lies in its ability to induce relaxation. Kissing has been found to reduce the release of stress hormones while promoting the secretion of happiness hormones.

Moreover, the influx of foreign bacteria during kissing may surprisingly contribute to a bolstered immune system, increasing our resistance to illnesses. In an interesting claim, some suggest that regular kissing can even serve as a preventative measure against cavities, potentially reducing the need for frequent dental visits.

In summary, a great French kiss not only brings joy but also offers potential health perks that we may not have previously considered.