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Get ready for the best Black Friday deals 2023

Get ready for the best Black Friday deals 2023

October is proving to be an exceptional month for bargains, with nearly every major retailer currently providing early Black Friday deals that you can take advantage of before November arrives. While it’s not unusual to encounter holiday sales in October, what sets this year apart is the remarkable aggressiveness of today’s sales.

Walmart, in particular, is initiating site-wide price reductions and offering discounts on some of our preferred appliances, televisions, and tablets.

When is Black Friday 2023 exactly?

As for the exact date of Black Friday 2023, it varies from year to year, but it consistently falls on the Friday following Thanksgiving. This year, Black Friday will occur on Friday, November 24, 2023.

Nonetheless, Black Friday has evolved beyond a single day event. Retailers will begin showcasing their finest deals as early as a whole month before the official retail holiday. Some sales may even commence even earlier, as we’ve highlighted above with some exceptionally early Black Friday deals that are presently accessible.

Moreover, Black Friday’s impact doesn’t conclude when November 24 draws to a close. Numerous top deals will extend into the weekend as retailers prepare for Cyber Monday, which falls on November 27.

When should you start hunting for Black Friday discounts?

The ideal time to begin seeking Black Friday deals is right now. We strongly recommend against waiting until the actual day to begin ticking items off your shopping list. In the previous year, the most significant price cuts on top-selling products were often found in the weeks leading up to the sales event.

Retailers have been launching Black Friday deals earlier than ever before, and we anticipate this trend to continue in 2023. If anything, we expect to see some of the most substantial discounts as early as late October.

Last year, items like Apple devices, OLED TVs, gaming laptops, and more were all available at lower prices in the run-up to Black Friday compared to the actual day. So, it’s unwise to assume that waiting is the best strategy. If you come across a deal that appeals to you, it’s wise to seize it now to avoid potential regrets.

Additionally, it’s essential to keep in mind that stock shortages can be a common issue on Black Friday, especially for the most popular items. By taking advantage of early deals, you not only stand a chance of securing a deal that matches or surpasses the final Black Friday price but also steer clear of the chaos that often accompanies the day itself.

How can you discover the finest Black Friday bargains?

The straightforward approach is to stick with your preferred online retailers as we approach Black Friday in 2023. In addition to routinely monitoring their Black Friday deals pages, it’s essential to exercise diligence and conduct thorough research. If you have your eye on a specific product, make sure to compare prices across various retailers. Avoid assuming that your favored retailer is automatically offering the most favorable deal.

Familiarizing yourself with the price history of a product is also beneficial. This way, you can verify that you’re truly receiving a genuine discount rather than a misleading one. Tools such as Walmartpricetracker are particularly valuable for examining a product’s past selling prices and pinpointing the most advantageous deals.

Who will provide the most enticing Black Friday markdowns in 2023?

Every retailer will participate in Black Friday with offers available in November. However, if you’re inquiring about which retailers offer the most remarkable Black Friday deals, the answer depends on what you’re looking to purchase. For example, Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart typically excel in providing deals on 4K TVs, laptops, and smartwatches.

What’s the origin of the term Black Friday, anyway?

The origin of the term Black Friday in the context of the retail holiday can be traced back to 1961 in Philadelphia, where it was originally used to describe the heavy foot and vehicular traffic that ensued the day after Thanksgiving. By 1975, the term had gained widespread usage beyond Philadelphia.

In contemporary times, retailers provide a different explanation for the term. For many companies, Black Friday symbolizes the point in the calendar year when they enter the ‘black’, which means they begin to turn a profit for the year. This profit is attributed to the surge in shoppers seeking holiday bargains.

Get ready for the best Black Friday deals 2023 conclusion

Although the designated date for Black Friday is November 24, as in previous years, retailers are presently unveiling deals, enabling shoppers to secure early discounts and extend their holiday shopping period.

Walmart is a well-known Black Friday destination, courtesy of its tradition of launching a few early sales in the lead-up to the official Black Friday deals event. Additionally, the retailer extends exclusive pricing and early entry to its Black Friday deals for Walmart Plus members, making it a noteworthy option to contemplate if you’re intrigued by the subscription.