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Sales – Are the deals really as cheap as they say they are?

Sales – Are the deals really as cheap as they say they are?

A sales event, a widely recognized occurrence, is a magnet for bargain hunters who are enticed by the deceptive promises of shopkeepers. In urban areas, one can observe numerous individuals laden with shopping bags, eagerly seeking out even more ‘deals’.

However, it is a common occurrence to be misled by all of these deals. Allow us to elucidate on how this happens.

Merchants tap into the intricacies of the human mind. As a human being, you too are susceptible to their tactics. No one is immune. The slogans employed by retailers have a proven impact on your psychological processes.


Does the phrase ‘Up to 70% discount’ ring a bell? Stores often advertise promotions of ‘up to 70% OFF’. The word ‘to’ is cunningly written in small letters, evading the attention of many. Furthermore, this is a trap. Most items are only discounted by 10 to 30%. Why not seek out the item that has a 70% discount? However, more often than not, this item is not the one you desire.

Round prices

Round prices are prevalent, and they are often set as low as possible. Be cautious of what you bring home in your shopping bag for 5 to 20 euros or dollars. Ask yourself, did you truly need all of these items?

The opportunity you desire may already be fleeting, so act swiftly. This moment feels like a precious chance for you, prompting a desire to make a hasty purchase of those deals. However, take a moment to put things in perspective and consider if you truly have a liking and need for the item.

Were you aware of the following tricks as well?

Price hikes

Prices are often raised a few weeks before the sale commences. When the discounted deals come into effect, the price difference will appear much larger to you! In reality, you are still paying the amount the retailer desires for their items, ensuring they do not suffer a ‘loss’.

Online stores

Did you know that in today’s age, there are numerous online shops that offer sales or outlet stores with year-round discounts or deals? This means you no longer have to wait for in-store sales.



At the beginning of the sale, you will have the widest range of choices. So, if you know exactly what you want, it is advisable to acquire it as soon as possible. However, if your primary focus is securing the lowest price, you will have to wait until the final week of the sale. Just keep in mind that your desired items may already be gone.


When purchasing items, especially those with significant discounts, it is important to be mindful of their quality and origin. These items may have production errors or belong to older collections, prompting the seller to sell them at reduced prices to clear inventory.

A final piece of advice

Always question whether you truly need the item or if it is simply an impulsive purchase. This simple practice can help you save a substantial amount of money. Additionally, if you prefer online shopping, consider selecting stores that offer an afterpay solution, allowing you to receive the item first and pay afterwards.

Sales – Are the deals really as cheap as they say they are conclusion

Sales events are a ubiquitous aspect of modern consumer culture. From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, retailers utilize these events to attract customers with enticing deals and discounts. As a result, many shoppers eagerly flock to stores to take advantage of these offers.

Nonetheless, it’s crucial to acknowledge that sales events vary in their integrity. In reality, numerous retailers employ misleading strategies to attract unsuspecting shoppers. Hence, it’s vital to approach such occasions with a reasonable degree of skepticism.

By staying well-informed and being mindful of our own impulses, we can safeguard ourselves from falling victim to the deceptive maneuvers of unscrupulous retailers.

Enjoy your online shopping experience!